October 21, 2015


It always marks "the season" for me....
the debut of
"It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!"
Did you catch it last night on ABC?
I cannot believe we have been watching this seasonal
delight of Charles Schultz for the
past fifty years!

So even though I had decided not to
do a Halloween tablescape this year,
it put me in the mood!!

The vintage characters are simply too cute
not to be on display once a year! 

They are each one rather old now..
but that seems to make them so special.

How I love these old Yankee Candle toppers!

I miss the kiddos being young Trick-or-Treater's...
even the first two grandchildren are off to "teen parties!"

The darling brought home this pie pumpkin last night,
which I have great plans for a bit later...
you're going to love it! 

Witches, Black Cats, Jack-o-Lantern's
popcorn balls....

This might be one of my most favorite things....
the little children dressed for a night of fun.....

The scent of orange, cinnamon and cloves.....

I am making a chicken stew inside a pumpkin for Halloween night.....

The vintage Victorian jesters

This glows in the dark...

Jack riding his goat

Ring around the candle.....

My favorite witch

My parents bought this for me over
thirty years ago...I just love her!

Now, this one....not so old...
I found this in Maine at 
The Christmas Tree Store....
darling...just darling!

Miss Piper's first Halloween!
Luke and Miss M from Halloween past!
Can you say "adorable?"


  1. You have a simply marvelous collection!!!! Really, really wonderful!

    Things I have collected, over the years, are looking a bit the-worse-for-wear but yours are in lovely condition.

    Pumpkin hugs,

    1. Thank you Tessa. I think that is what makes them so special...they become worn and somewhat tattered...like us, right? Love the pumpkin hugs....it's all so fun!

  2. And you have so many wonderful things to decorate with. Love them. My girls used to cry when the Charlie Brown cartoons were over...you know there wasn't always full day cartoon channels. LOL. They love the Peanuts characters so much. We would pop corn and have peanut butter fudge every time those Specials came on. These were memories being made at those times. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

    1. Oh I love those sweet memories you shared Susie! It's certainly a wonderful time of year. Peanut Butter fudge....divine!!! Thank you, love, for visiting today!

  3. Your vintage Halloween pieces are very unique, Betsy! I'm glad you decided to bring them out. ♥

    1. Hi Martha Ellen! They are cute and fun.....so happy to have you stop by today..hugs!

  4. I just accidentally stumbled across your blog a couple weeks ago - I love it! I too live in Texas - in The Woodlands. What city do you live in? Like you, I'm also a grandparent of two boys ages almost 4 years old & 19 mos. What a joy it is!

    1. Hi Connie! So very happy to have you visit Estelle's! I love the Woodlands! We live North of Dallas and simply love it! I so hope you visit often and I wish you a lovely Autumn season!

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  6. Adorable! I love your things and am so glad you took them out to enjoy them this year. You are right-they are too special to not be displayed for the season. What a fun post -you have a lot of really great things..and that container from your parents is really cute. Hope you had a good day- xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana...so happy you enjoyed these cute Halloween figurines. They are fun collectibles! The witch is a rather valuable collectible from my parents that I so treasure. I hope you are ready for the little ones on the 31st! Hugs!


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