October 22, 2015


His 13th birthday....
These are THE reasons we moved back home to Texas from Maine.
There were far too many celebrations that we would miss
living clear across the country from family.
We treasure every moment of times like these! 

Do you remember turning 13?
I know I do....it was so exciting to now be a "TEENAGER!"

What a lovely family!
They are the sweetest of the sweet!

There's our Miss Abbie and beautiful Catherine!

Abbs and I have a ball taking selfies!

She was laughing so hard...
"Grandma......I have a mouthful of food!"

I know he got a gorgeous new pair of cowboy boots....
perfect for exploring around Elizabeth's ranch!

Being a school night,
we met half way at one of our favorite seafood dining spots!

Time to sing....
Happy Birthday to you......

And many more.....

A week later....it's game night for the grands!

High school volleyball...
I simply adore this child...

Once volleyball was over,
we headed over to the middle school for football!
The Texas countryside is so beautiful,
I was trying to capture the moment as we passed by.....

I love Texas!!!!

The night could not have been more perfect...
it was cool and clear.....first time for a fleece jacket!

There is nothing that is more fun
than hometown football games!
The cheerleaders are too adorable, 
with their ponytails and hair bows!

We were so proud of Noah..
two touchdowns this night.....
always our hero!
Three generations right here....
so grateful for times like these! 


  1. What a wonderful, heartwarming peek at your family life. I am glad you are back home in Texas so you can share all these special moments with family. This phase of life with them passes way too fast. xo Diana

  2. Wonderful all! an so happy that you could get over to see everything, and partake in everything.

    Mmmm, HS football. I remember that, with our 2 boys!

    Pumpkin hugs,

  3. Such a lovely post. I do remember when i was 13. Precious years ago. Looks like a fun celebration. Happy memories were created.

  4. Ah!!! I'm so glad you get to spend such good quality times with your family! That's what is important! Kids grow up so fast and you could never reclaim this time to bond and develop strong relationships! I love following you and your precious family around by way of the blog and Facebook!!

  5. Happy Birthday to Noah! What a handsome young man!


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