August 19, 2015


This begins a new school year....
Maine Grandma was fortunate enough
to be in Atlanta as first grade begins!

We had so much fun selecting
the perfect lunch box and thermos.
Although, once I read what the school lunches featured,
I was very impressed.
Whole wheat rolls, brown rice, fresh veggies and fruit....
hope he tries this on occasion! 

I added two fun little books to read together!

The Friday before school was to begin the following week, it was meet the teacher time! 
It seems like yesterday, I was attending the same event
with my own four kiddos!
Where in the world does time go....???

What a darling teacher....
I knew he would be in good hands when I learned she is a Texas girl!

Oh my....such a big boy he is going to be in First Grade!!!

"Look Mom....Texas!"

All sorts of activities going on for parents and students...
Sports programs, Cub Scouts, spirit wear, etc.
Luke the Duke is going to be a Cub Scout...so excited about this!

Time for a haircut...
We laughed when we heard him tell his barber,
"I also enjoy a warm towel....!!!"

At last, here it came....
the first day of school.
Soooo early.....
Maine Grandma was in charge of preparing breakfast,,,,
Wheat toast, a soft boiled egg, over fresh avocado and fruit.

Recording the occasion....
remember, it's like 6:30 in the morning...
oy vey......

Miss M is so good....all the babies were waiting for the school bus to arrive
with a new Georgia Bulldog t-shirt and freshly baked cinnamon muffins! 

Time to head out to the bus stop....

We see that little face peering out.....

"Welcome home buddy boy!"

"Hi Daddy!!!"

So much to tell......

Choosing his own library books

"I love first grade!"
I think he really missed his Momma!!
his Daddy.....
Maine Grandma!


  1. All round precious... Recorded, all the way through, by Maine Grandma! :-)

    And oh those First Day of School pics! The first of many.

    Btw, our school doesn't start till the Wed. after Labor Day, around here. Interesting how different areas, begin at their own time. Weather may well have something to do with it.

    Gentle hugs,

    1. Hi Tessa...that's the way we used to begin school...after Labor Day...wish it was still that way....why oh why do they begin when there is still a month of summer left?? Thank you for stopping by today! Are you looking forward to autumn? It must be gorgeous in your area!! Big hugs to you!!

  2. Very sweet. We always started after Labor Day, too. I think they take a lot more days during the school year for teacher in service days, and here in PA they have to allow for snow days as well. But our schools are not back in session yet! Our family in California are back to school already, as well.


  3. such a great recording of your little ones first day :)


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