August 20, 2015


It was quick.....

All of a sudden....I heard...
"OMG....Look what Luke just did!!!!"

How in the world?.......

Oh lawd....on closer inspection,
of both Luke and the golf cart....
there was not even a mere scratch!
Even the bushes survived!

It just sorta happened.....
Luke's version....
"I was just playing and the gas pedal just sorta pushed itself
and I started to drive.....
the golf cart even turned by itself to miss the tree...."

Oh, this kid makes me laugh.....

Oh yes....unfortunately. he lost all of his electronics for the week....

We had fabulous dinners!

Miss M's fabulous Chinese Chicken Salad

Jay continued working on his remodel project of the new
side door, porch and steps into the kitchen entrance...
we love it!

We had frequent play dates and luncheons with Caden!

The weather was perfect and we so enjoyed afternoons and evenings on the deck!

We enjoyed fabulous breakfasts!

Miss M hung her new painting from Home Goods in the
formal living room....

We savored those afternoon thunderstorms.....

How incredible to see the beginnings of autumn

I will miss my Atlanta family....
always a good time! 


  1. What an interesting way to lose electronic gadgets for the week. =D Luke probably had a lot more fun that way. Your daughter has such a lovely home and I am shocked that there are already signs of autumn there. Glad that you got away to spend some fun times with your daughter and her family. Keep having a fun August!

    1. Hi Vee! So good to hear from you! Summer has been lovely and blessed this year. I am thankful for that! Hope yours has been also. Raising little boys is never a dull moment....it may be exasparating at the time, but you look back on those times and treasure the memories! Big hugs to you!

  2. So many happenings! Sorry to hear about the golf cart but glad the little guy didn't get hurt! ;) Your daughter's house looks gorgeous! I wanna see more! Sounds like you've had a great time too.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Oh oh!!!! Kids! :-)

    But yes, wise of parents to make there be a 'payment,' for not-wise-decisions. It's the parent's duty... To bring children up, knowing there are consequences, for not-wise-decisions.

    Thank you for your words, about my son. We are all feeling great relief.


  4. Oh what a fun post, yes, even the wrecked golf cart. Glad he didn't get hurt.


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