June 18, 2015


While living in the beautiful state of Maine, our sweet neighbors invited us to a summer fling at a campground over in Ogunquit. Their son, who was a real cutie pie, was performing for the evening cookout, which was to celebrate the end of summer. These were a great group of campers who pulled their RV's into the camp and set up home sweet home from May until the end of August. They ate together and played together every year....same place, same people.

Our neighbors enjoyed their son singing, their grandchildren playing, their daugher-in-law right by their side and we watched them smile and laugh long through the evening. We watched others, dance with their families and the kids run up and give their grandparents big hugs and kisses.

I took many pictures that evening and even framed one of our neighbors which I gave them as a going away gift. OUR going away....moving back to Texas.....HOME!

I looked back at those pictures of that particular evening and there was saddness on both the faces of the darling and me. Sad eyes....sad thoughts. Even though there was a fun summer celebration going on, we were alone, without OUR family, in the midst of all these people. I knew it would have to miracle if there was some way we could move back home....

We are thankful everyday for that divine intervention, as I like to call it. Look at all these times we would have missed. To us, it's all about family....these are the moments of our lives.....and we smile and celebrate!

I am glad he's still young enough to allow kisses from Maine Grandma....

Our darling Cat and grandson, Noah...two of the sweetest people on earth

 Father and son...
The Pitmasters!

There is nothing to make you laugh more
than best friends
having fun and acting like sweet high school girls! 

Don't you just love kitchen gatherings while preparing dinner?

Sweetest kid ever.....such a gentle and caring kid! 
Luke's hero.....

The aroma of steaks on the grill and enjoying perfect weather after a month of rain!

Are you on Twitter or Instagram?


Gatherings around the pool.....summer is just around the corner!

Fun conversations are never ending.....

Who is the strongest? 
The golfer or the volleyball champ?

Teasing his neice......

Our handsome #2 son.....he was always the "baby" 
until Rob came along, seven years later

Beautiful Mox.....he is doing great!!!
I simply adore this handsome guy! 

Busy preparation!
George Straight was playing on the stereo....
we danced around the kitchen, Cat and I...

The kiddos were hungry....
A good time Saturday night

Family dinners......
Although Maine was the most beautiful place we ever lived,
there is simply no place like home with family!
Now if we can just manage to get the
Divine Miss M home to Texas
with her sweet family,
all will be right with the world.....


  1. Lovely post Betsy. I enjoy family gatherings like this, which seem to only happen every other year in my family. Family scattered across the continent and busy schedules get in the way but the memories of impromptu or heavily planned events are lasting. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Why thank you Pamela! I am so happy you stopped by today and enjoyed the family pictures. They are special moments. I hope you are able to gather with your family and take lots of photos too! Blessings for a lovely day!

  2. I love posts about family. Your photos are great....and great times.

    1. Thank you BJ! Big hugs to you!

  3. Such a sweet post, Betsy, with wonderful candid family shots. :) I'm really glad you and your husband were able to move back "home" to your family. It's great to see new places and meet new people, but there's nothing like family and home sweet home. You are blessed.

    Have a great weekend! BTW, I love your header. :)


    Denise at Forest Manor

    1. Aw, thank you so much Denise! I so appreciate such sweet comments and for stopping by today! Big hugs to you also!

  4. Now that's a real celebration!

  5. Your photos show a lot of happiness. Great to see.

  6. As I was reading your recollection of being in Maine that summer, I had the same thought... it would be so nice to see the family interaction, but it would make me a bit homesick as well. Glad you were able to move closer to your family and still have those wonderful memories of time spent in Maine.
    Thanks for your recent visits to my blog. I hope you enjoy your John Hadamuscin book as much as I have enjoyed mine.


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