June 30, 2015


We both fell in love with sailing while living in the great state of Maine.

How many times has that darling of mine said,
"I want to sell everything and live on a boat!"

Sorry, kid.....I am NOT living on a boat!
However, he has that bee in his hat...so....
he signed up for sailing lessons!
Good for him...it's been on his bucket list for some time!
I can't say that sailing on Lake Ray Hubbard will
be the same experience as sailing in Casco Bay,
but it may be the best Texas has to offer.
Atta' Boy!

Estelle's tried a new Chocolate Marshmallow Brownie recipe.
Good and gooey....somewhat like 
Mississippi Mud Cake...
Soooooo rich!

Mae Mobley loves this new toy!

A peace offering from Bo...

Have you tried this brand of frozen waffles?
I found these at Sprout's and they are fab!

Serve them hot with warm maple syrup and fresh strawberries!

This was my favorite find for the month of June
On sale...
$7.00 at Pfaltzgraff!

Our darling granddog, Franz gave us all quite a scare last week. Cat was taking both dogs on a walk along the Trinity River and suddenly his legs became weak...he became very woozy and collapsed....a heat stroke which is very, very dangerous in dogs. It just so happened she was close to The Woodshed, owned and operated by Tim Love. This is where their rehearsal dinner had been held. Members of their staff assissted Cat quickly and helped get him into their car. She rushed him to an ER vet close by. This was their fifth case of heat stroke that very day. After an IV treatment, and close monitoring for overnight, he was cleared to come home. We say a prayer that he recovered. No more dog walks in the heat of the day for this sweet boy....he shall be staying cool in doors as usual and his outdoor activity will be limited to sitting in the pool from now on!

Going home....
Love and hugs Franz! 


  1. Oh that must have been so scary for your daughter. Glad that all is well with Franz.

    You guys are living the life! Sailing is a lot of fun and one does need lessons. I love sailing and watching others do the work. Had to laugh at your having no desire to live on a boat. Maybe a houseboat for a week or two? That's all I could handle.

  2. We are sailors!!! For 9 years, we lived on our boat for 3-4 months of every year!! All in the Caribbean. We sold her, Blew Bayou, last May and it has been very bittersweet. It was time. Our kids were not able to join us as much because of their growing families and jobs, hard for our friends to get away and it is ALOT of work. But oh my.....did we ever have some fun. Met so many new friends and learned so many cultures from all the different places we sailed to. My poor boyfriend is very sad...he loved her so............and that's why our grandchildren call him Cap'n!!!


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