July 1, 2015


The decision had finally been made after looking
and researching many new updates!
After waiting for six weeks while the transom was being made,
delivery day was finally here!
Let the project began! 

This was a long time coming....
a new front entrance at the
Atlanta house!
Beautiful results..
New front door, side lights and transom.

The swim team was a fantastic experience
for little Luke.

He celebrated a 7th birthday during June
and his Ohio grandparents were there to experience it all!

I was able to be there when the team first began
and was able to enjoy seeing him learn skilled swimming techniques!

All those lessons were leading up to the big day and this county wide swim competition! 

The competition was held at Georgia Tech in the same swimming pool in which 
Michael Phelps won the Gold Medal! 

This had to have been a little overwhelming for a little seven year old
but wow....did he hang tough and compete his little heart out!
All the swimmers had their names written across their backs!

He came in first in the Freestyle,
and second in the backstroke!

I just love the fact that his Ohio Grandma
got to visit during this time and experience all
his achievements! 

The celebratory dinner......
It's not about making everything perfect...
It's about living in the moment
with family and friends.

This is where the darling and I hang out
when we want to relax and just be lazy.

We find it our perfect oasis
not only during summer, but year round.....

We are going to a big July 4th celebration over
at # 2 son's this weekend!
Looks like they are getting the pool area
ready for a party!
He will be the birthday boy on July 5th
so it promises to be a big weekend!!
Remember to just keep things simple and have a good time! 


  1. Great photos. Your grandson will be a confident swimmer which is so important growing up. Congratulations to him on his wins. What a beautiful summer header. Love the photos and I see we have similar salt boxes. :) Enjoy the holiday. Hugs, Deb

  2. How fun for your grandson! Maybe he'll be an Olympic swimmer one day and we'll all cheer him on!

    Your daughter's door is gorgeous! As is your relaxing space in your back yard! I'd be content there for hours, too!



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