May 1, 2015


Harper's Bazaar has been one of my favorite fashion magazines
since I was a little girl.
Mother had a monthly subscription,
so we grew up pouring over the glossy images
of high society fashion and beauty! 

There was a recent article of beauty favorites
which were "must-haves"
from professional make-up artist
Rachael Goodwin.
Saturday shopping always includes
browsing the beauty isles for new favorites.
Here's to our Best Beautiful!

“I actually do use this, and I love it. 
I have really fine hair and it really works 
to give me that extra body and volume.”

“I work with my hands and they’re often photographed,
 so I want them to look finished, but I can’t be responsible 
for keeping them so perfect all the time. 
This Ballet color is a versatile shade that looks finished 
for a week or so but without much fuss if it chips.”

“This is that super-natural looking mascara 
that I’ll use in the daytime when I want to look put-together,
 but not like I have too much makeup on. 
It doesn’t clump or build-up on the lashes, which is great.”

“This line has such a range of soft neutrals—especially the Nude Lift shade—that give you this really soft wash and stay on all day. 
I love how luminous they make the skin look. 
I’m a big fan of a translucent finish rather than a powdery one.”

“Every hairdresser I know uses this, so being around it all the time,
 I’ve been hip to Elnet for awhile now. 
It really is just the best hairspray. I end up using it more like a volumizer, flipping my hair upside and putting it all over. 
It makes my hair full of texture.”

“My mother always told me to take care of my neck and my hands, 
because they’re the areas that show your age the fastest. 
I keep this tin in my car, and am constantly moisturizing, 
especially because I work with my hands and 
am always washing my hands. 
This cream isn’t sticky and really keeps you hydrated.”

"With the lightweight spray, you can get it on the 
legs and body really quickly.”

"You could use it over makeup, dabbed around the eyes or
 anywhere you have fine lines that need a bit of softening.”

"They look amazing, give you this bright pop of color, 
and they’re super-easy to reapply without a mirror.”

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  1. This was fun to look at. I might have to try a few of these - thank you!

    1. So happy to have you visit Susan. I know you must be busy these days! Big hugs!

  2. Some great products here- I already use some of them. Love the kitty!!!!! xo Diana

    1. I wish you a wonderful weekend Diana. Thank you for visiting today!

  3. I just found your blog and so happy I did! Lots of great suggestions and many I will try. I have very fine hair and need a volumizer so I'm thinking that shampoo is a must. I can't use a conditioner at all ~ makes my hair too soft and limp. Have you tried the Loreal Visible Lift foundation? I like the idea of the blush being softer than a powder.

    I'm a new follower and look forward to getting to know you! Stop by and say hi when you can ~


    1. Hi Pat! Welcome to Estelle's! I am ever so happy you stopped by and enjoyed your visit. Yes, I do use the Loreal Visible Lift and like it! It's always difficult to find a good foundation isn't it? I will certainly stop over to your blog and just love to meet new blogging friends. Have a wonderful weekend!


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