February 17, 2015


In honor of Mardi Gras, I simply couldn't let the day pass 
without revisiting the beauty of New Orleans!

A cemetery in New Orleans.
 If you ever visit this unique city, 
be sure to take a stroll through one of the numerous cemeteries! 
Burial is above ground due to the sea level.

Yes, Pat Obrien's is famous for their Hurricanes! 
We celebrated many, many special occasions here

New Orleans beauty can be found in the Garden District! 
Take a walk down St. Charles and you will be transported back in time
 to the most majestic homes you have ever seen! 

This is a look very typical of homes down in the French Quarter!

Elegance on St. Charles Avenue!

A recommended hotel down in the Quarter! 

A cornrow ironstone fence surrounding on the beautiful plantation like mansions! 

This is Fitzgerald's! I just wanted to remember it. 
It's no longer in existence, but we had some really good times here! 

These homes are magnificent! I had never seen homes so beautifully decorated at Christmas!
 Some of these estates displayed a Christmas tree in every window!

One of the garden district homes displaying those lovely old azaleas! 

The darling and I had breakfast here one morning on our honeymoon! 

You can get an order of red beans and rice anytime of day!
Be sure to try a shrimp po'boy and some bread pudding too!

A landmark down in the Quarter! 

My parents lived in New Orleans, as did my sister! Miss Judy is a graduate of LSU and moved to New Orleans after graduation! My family has a long history with New Orleans and it holds a place in our hearts! Daddy did his residency at Charity Hospital in NOLA and this began our love affair! They passed this on to all of us, as children by visiting many times......weekends, holidays and family vacations! Yes, Mardi Gras is a wild celebration, but there is so much more to this unique city! I find it simply magical! 


  1. -happy sigh- oh it must be beautiful... thank you for memories, and lovely photos...

    and... do they serve absinthe, at the Old Absinthe House????? ahhhh, "la fée verte"... ,-)

    I've never had it. and don't think I would enjoy it. (no sugar added) but it would be an _experience_!!!!


    1. This is quite a landmark bar in the Quarter....it's been there for years!!! They have their own speciality cocktails...just be careful...those drinks will sneak up on you! The most marvelous city in the USA, next to Boston!

  2. ...and one week from today, I will be there spending 4 days with my best friends from WA state! We take an annual trip each yr together and since its their turn to come my way...we're going to woop woop all over town. (I live in north Lousiana!) It's always fun to take people to the city for their first time and seeing it thru their eyes. Plus, we'll be there the week after mardi gras when it will be quiet and clean...for after party week, they take to the streets and clean it up.
    I'm sure we will frequent every seafood restaurant, every bar, walk thru the garden district and magazine street, visit every voodoo shop and yes....the cemeteries!!! And I'm sure I'll shoot hundreds of images, catching their eyes all aglow with delight!
    (and a few of those hurricanes too!)

    1. How wonderful! Have a marvelous time jmac! We LUV NOLA!


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