February 18, 2015


It was an "All In The Family" few days!
One of the best things about maintaining my blog, is
to record those moments in time that allow
us to go back and revisit special times that we get together!
Miss M captured a few moments before boarding time 
at Atlanta-Harstfield!

Friday morning we had to run a few errands
 so we decided to treat ourselves to Torchy's Tacos for lunch! 
What a BEAUTIFUL day we had been blessed with in Texas! 
Sunny and almost warm!
It was lovely to sit outside on their patio and enjoy lunch together!

Atlanta does not have any Torchy's Tacos, so this was a treat to Miss M and Luke!
I think the darling loves having his only daughter home for a few days! 

My favorite boy!
Silly, full of fun and creative! 

Luke and Maine Grandma!
Luke distinguishes his grandma's as," Ohio Grandma and Maine Grandma!"
When we moved home to Texas, he was asked if he planned on calling me Texas Grandma
 and his reply was. "No! She is my Maine Grandma!" 
And so it is......
Rather clever! 

Best ever Queso! 

Cutie Patootie!

The first to arrive were Greg, Jenn and Bo!
The rest of the family came after school and work, then
Rob arrived from Austin about 9:00 PM.
That drive from Austin takes about four hours, or more 
considering heavy traffic and wrecks, which he encountered both
this time around.
I am always so grateful and relieved when he arrives safe and sound! 

I neglected to take pictures of dinner, but everything was SO good!
I made big baking dishes of yummies!

Oven Roasted BBQ Chicken
Crock Pot Tequila Lime Chicken
Sweetie Pies Mac N' Cheese
Roasted fresh Green Beans with fresh lemon and Asiago Cheese
Fresh Yeast Rolls
Devil's Food Lindt Truffle Cupcakes with
Buttercream Icing

How fabulous to have them all around the dinner table! 

We had cinnamon rolls and breakfast tacos for breakfast,
 then headed into Dallas for an afternoon of bowling! 
It had been a long time since any of us had been bowling, 
so it was going to be interesting to see,
 who would have the highest score! 

Even though Jenn said, "I am NOT a bowler," she did amazing!
Noah looks pretty happy with his turn! 

I just know he gets taller every time we see him!

Miss Abbie and her little cousin, Luke!
Looking back over their past pictures, 
I am constantly amazed at how quickly time passes!
They are growing up so fast! 

Miss Abbie was quite IMPRESSIVE with her bowling abilities!

Good form Miss M! 

Now this is just great for a little six year old! 
It must be so hard to roll those heavy balls down the lane,
 but he was just able to hold his own! 

Let the Good Times Roll!

Cat takes those gutter balls in stride!

Luke showing support for his older cousin! 

Looks like it may be a strike Luke!

How do they do it?
Beer and bowling!!!!

Bo was in heaven.....lots of kiddos and lots of hugs! 

These two are inseparable! 
I hope they carry these good times with them forever and always! 


  1. We are twins! We go bowling when our family gets together:-D Love the recipe for the Queso if you sharing, XOXO

    1. How fun Susan! It had been awhile for us, but everyone had a great time! We certainly must be joined at the hip! I would love to have their recipe, but they keep it close to the vest! It's SO good!

  2. wonderful, wonderful family memories made....


    1. Indeed they were Tessa....we ate good food and laughed till we cried! Thanks for stopping by today!

  3. Very special times! You captured some excellent bowling shots; I especially like Luke's.

    1. Oh thank you Vee! Miss M gets the credit for the photography! Hope you are having a wonderful week!


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