February 22, 2015


Hello Loves!
How has your weekend been?
Are many of you buried in snow and waking up to those bone-chilling temps this AM?
Hey...it's a night at The Oscars!
I am so looking forward to seeing the gowns and 
wondering who will take home the golden boy!

We had a rather good Saturday.
 A tad of winter weather is rolling in tonight. 
so we made the most of yesterday....
out and about shopping...
then treated ourselves to dinner and a movie!

I was happy, happy, happy to see Easter on display at Target!
I found just the inspiration I was looking for.
Have you bought any new bunnies yet?

The darling invited me to attend a showing of one of the Oscar nominated films,
"The Imitation Game!"....
so it was off to Plano to one of our favorite upscale theaters!
Look at these stunning pansies!

I wish I had two planters this size for around the swimming pool!
Think I'll work on that idea! 

We certainly do enjoy this theater! Such a treat! 

OK...we always try to see as many of the Oscar nominated films every year.
 This year, we have seen five out of the eight films nominated.


The Imitation Game is wonderful and most enjoyable. A+ acting by every single actor.
The Grand Budapest was also at the top of our favorites. I have watched it three times!
Boyhood was a long movie, but it was so interesting....seeing all of the actors age over the course of the twelve year filming, in addition seeing the movie filmed in Austin. Birdman was a disappointment. Now, we simply adore Michael Keaton, but it seems this movie was written and filmed by some Hollywood far-out actor...we felt it was a dark and unpleasant film. American Sniper is probably at the top of our list. Chris Kyle is a true American hero and is very well known here in Texas. Bradley Cooper was superb! So....our top three favorites would be American Sniper, The Imitation Game and The Grand Budapest Hotel! 

Time for cocktails and dinner at our favorite spot in this fabulous shopping area! 
We discussed the moview over a glass of wine and the darling's highball.

We ordered our favorite appetizer of Fried Pickles!

Shrimp and Grits!

Cajun Red Beans and Rice!

The Shops of Legacy is a fantastic area to shop, dine and take in a movie! 

Especially when the weather turns a bit warmer!
We'll be back!
What a lovely February Saturday!
Now....getting ready for Oscar night!
What was your favorite film this year?


  1. you know how to prepare for the Oscars! with a super day out!

    haven't seen the films, but I will be rooting for the "Still Alice" actress. ,-) Naturally, since Kristen Stewart has gotten good reviews, for the part of her daughter.

    and... we know... the most important part of the evening... is how the ladies look!!!! but of course!!!! :-)


    1. Oh yes Tessa...can't wait to see the fashions! Gosh, I sure do miss Joan Rivers! We have not seen Still Alice yet, but it is on our lists of must-sees! I adore Julianna Moore! Enjoy!!!!

  2. Estelle... you made me so sad. The Mister and I used to go to Shops at Legacy a few times a month. Love the Angelika theater. They would get the best films! I remember eating lunches al fresco in all the restaurants on that strip. Now I'm really homesick!!! Have a wonderful week!

    1. Aw...cheer up Katie! I know how hard that is at times! After three years in the beautiful state of Maine, I was over the moon happy to be back in Texas! We're never leaving! Just couldn't leave family and those long, long winters! We love Shops of Legacy too and go there often! It's still a happening place! I know you are going to enjoy the Oscars tonight! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the fashion! Hugs!!!

  3. Hey!!!! I was in Plano as well over the weekend!!! My kids live there and I took grandbabies to a show at the Music Hall in dallas, But Legacy is MY fave place to shop! Saw Into The Woods at the Angelika a few months ago....Love Bob's Steak restaurant there!!

    1. Oh how good to know jmac. Yes, Bob's is another fab place to dine! Thank you for visiting today!

  4. I appreciated the mini reviews...learned more than I knew before. (I don't get out to the movies very often.) Hope that your favorites won!

    1. There are some really good movies this year Vee. I hope you have the chance to see some of those that are worth the price of admission!

    2. Me, too! I did see that Birdman won a lot ... the one you described as a disappointment...now that's a disappointment. I read an article last week that alleged that "the academy" lets anyone do their voting for them because they are old and don't watch the movies anymore. Wouldn't that be crazy if the article is true?!

    3. Well, I am not surprised. Like I said, we adore Michael Keaton, but I would not recommend Birdman. Comparing it to others, some of which I did not see, such as The Theory of Everything, it is dark and not entertaining...at least that was what we took away. It was a boring Oscars....the best was Lady Gaga...I adore her!

    4. Well this is fun! I heard Lady Gaga and was gobsmacked. Amazing voice. (I don't think that I would enjoy her usual repertoire.)

  5. I think it was an insulting snub that American Sniper and Bradley Cooper were overlooked by the Academy. It makes them lose credibility when politics dictates the awards. Birdman was a disappointing film. My husband and I liked Boyhood and Fury. It looks like you have a luxurious theater for film watching.

    1. Hi Terra! Well, for once, there were a few really well done films this year. Birdman was not one of them....just our thoughts. So disappointed in that. But really enjoyed the others. Those Oscars are certainly not the old glam of Hollywood are they?


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