February 23, 2015


I am ready for Spring!
And....I know you must be too!

It was bound to happen. 
As I have said many times before, 
"if you're bored with the weather today....just wait until tomorrow...
it'll change!"
That's Texas! 
We went from flip-flops to rain boots!
I LOVE rainy, cold Sunday afternoons. don't you?
So, what to do...what to do?

Puppy training!
Our across the street neighbors have a new
golden lab puppy and we see them many times
throughout the day taking puppy out.....this was short-lived!
No puppy is going to go "winkie" in the cold rain!
He's adorable! 
She quickly scooped him up and back inside they went!
We sympathize......

ME: "Hey! Are you decorating for Easter?"

SISTER: "Easter? I don't even know when Easter is.
 I still have my Mardi Gras wreath on the front door. 
Mary Jo said her Christmas tree is decorated for Mardi Gras!"

ME: "Good Lawd! Mardi Gras's over! 
Y'all need to take down those decorations and get it in gear for Easter!"

SISTER: "Yes, yes I know. I think I'll take the wreath off the door this afternoon.
I'll just put it in that chair by the front door. 
Then perhaps, next weekend, I'll put it in a box and take it upstairs. 
I'll tell Mary Jo to take off her decorations and call one of her boys over to pack it all away.
We're all getting older ya' know, 
so it's all baby steps when it comes to decorating and undecorating. 

ME & SISTER: heavy sighs.....

SISTER: "Since you're coming to the beach this summer, 
I think we both should lose a few pounds."

ME & SISTER: heavy sighs.......

Homemade bread on the rise.....

Scratch and Sniff

Sunday Pot Roast in the Crockpot

Marking the calender for local Spring events

Browsing through magazines for Spring inspiration

You can always count on Pottery Barn for the best decorating tips!

Over in Atlanta, they too, were experiencing a winter blast of freezing temps!
It was the perfect night for Jay's Italian red sauce!

The "Master" at work!

Mmmmm....good lawd this looks amazing!'

A taste test....a messy napkin is the sign of some darn good Sunday Gravy!

Two Italians!

"Tu sei una stella...la mia stella"

Hope y'all have a lovely week! 


  1. I am ready to decorate for Spring! Maybe I'll help usher in warmer weather here! Lol! I can always dream, right?


    1. It will be here soon....love this time of year..ushering in spring indoors and outdoors. Have a great time decorating Deann! Enjoy your week!

  2. mmmmmmm, that sauce looks goooood! :-)

    and my resident chef makes a good sauce toooooo. :-)

    spring? spring? what is spring? we have so much snow. and more coming. which will have to melt... before any possible green shoots can come into view... -sigh-

    needless to say, I am really sick of snow! we-all-are-up-here. -pout-


    1. I simply have to think Spring when winter is rather dull and dreadful! I know you must be tired of snow....bah! Have a lovely week Tessa!

  3. Dear Lovely Lady Of Texas!
    Rain must come so our spring flowers will be beautiful!! I laughed over the conversation of you and your sister LOL
    I do like to decorate with spring flowers in the vase on the mantel, and don't forget the bunnies...
    I just cut out a pattern from muslin material to make a country bunny!
    Cleaning up the floors today and stopped to take a break with your lovely blog! You always inspire me!
    And how cute to see the neighbors going through potty training with a new puppy, and you know that little guy was thing no potty visit for me in this wet stuff... LOL
    Enjoy your week dear friend!

    1. Hi Roxy! Sounds like you never have idle hands, which is such a good thing. A muslin bunny sounds precious! We have lots of cold and ice today...snow on Wednesday! Hope you are enjoying the warmth of a cozy blanket today! Hugs!

  4. Perfect rainy day meal! XOXO

    1. Winter is alive and well here today Susan! What wonderful baked good is on your list this week?


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