December 14, 2014


I think the best time to be a kid is at Christmas!
The anticipated visit with Santa....
sharing the story of "T'was the Night Before Christmas!"
I can only imagine what Luke said to Santa to make him laugh like this! 

To Santa, with love....

The weather cooperated on Saturday, and Miss M and family paid a visit to Hunter's Tree Farm! 

Who doesn't love horseback riding on the farm?
I just want to reach in the picture and give both Luke and this sweet horse a big ole' kiss! 

I did want to mention that the horses brought in for the 
Christmas at Hunter's Tree Farm are all rescue horses.
Between two barns, they have forty horses.
The horse Luke is riding is named Max and he is eighteen years old.
Max was formerly an escort for race horses.
He retired after being bitten and kicked by the race horses
for a number of years.
He now gives gentle rides to children. 

Daddy and Luke paid a visit to the pond to feed the swans! 

Now this picture just stole my heart!
A ginger tabby and my darling Luke!
Hey precious babies!!!!

What a beautiful December family outing this was!
The weather in Atlanta had been rather cold all week
so this mild, sunny day was just what was needed 
to get outside and enjoy the festivities of the season! 

Abbie and her best friend Amelia have been friends since they were toddlers! Their friendship has carried them all the way to high school and I am so happy about that! Both girls are A students, participate on the Debate Team and sports! Abbs is on the Varsity Volleyball team and Amelia  participates on the Golf team!

Saturday was an incredibly warm day here in Texas! Would you believe we are still wearing shorts and flip-flops! While Jenn braved the holiday traffic for an afternoon of shopping at Ikea, I went with the boys to Home Depot! I could not resist snapping a photo of this precious little four-legged shopper whose name was Stella! She made quite the entrance!

Why is it men can stand in front of a pile of lumber and stare at it for 45 minutes?
Well, after "pondering the planks" for about four minutes, I said, "see ya' boys....
I am going over to the Christmas section!" 
Greg is going to be designing a new mantel for their family room fireplace. 
After picking up a few extension cords and yet more outdoor lighting,
we were off to Market Street! 

I love, love, love shopping at Market Street!
It's a feast for the eyes, nose and appetite!
Steaks on the grill, baked potatoes in the oven, enjoying the cocktail hour
by the firepit and Christmas lights all aglow....
save room for dessert guys and dolls! 

Oh honey, have I got the most heavenly recipe to share with you this week.
Greg's favorite cake is a soft yellow cake with chocolate icing!
I have now found THE perfect recipe which is a moist, old-fashioned yellow cake!
Drop by Estelle's later in the week for the details! 

Hope y'all had a great weekend too! Can't wait to hear about your holiday fun! 

Snowy set the stage by setting up Luke's Nativity! 
Oh how I love Nativity scenes!


  1. Everything, even simple chores are more fun at Christmas! We spent the day doing some last chores in the garden, then we tidied the house, wrapped presents. We read aloud, had a friend over for the evening. It was great fun.

    Happy Sunday!


    1. Hi Deanna! I LOVE hearing about your weekend! Sounds like y'all enjoyed the day, the season and each other! What a blessing! I look forward to dropping by and seeing your picures! Wishing you a very blessed Sunday!

  2. What a wonderful post. Luke is so cute and I have to say that is the best looking Santa I have ever seen.

    1. Isn't he though! I just think we may all choose to believe in this jolly old elf after seeing this....hope you are enjoying a wonderful December weekend Deb!

  3. All precious photos...

    So nice, that Abbie has a long time friend... Who is just as willing to work and do well, as she is. Such a lucky happening.

    Oh yes, men in a place like Home Depot or Lowe's. They are in heaven. ,-))))))


    1. So sweet Tessa....they are very good girls! Their parents are doing a fantastic job of raising them! I can linger in Lowe's, but oh my, when it comes to Home Depot...I am a fish out of water!!! Sending love from Tejas!

  4. Oh what sweet pictures I especially like the one with Santa!


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