September 6, 2014


Classic Style
True Beauty
Staying Southern

This is going to be a slight diversion from the subject of fall, but I am currently sidetracked with the love of lavender and sage. Did you know that these are the "new" colors for the month of September? What could be lovelier than a September wedding with these soft, truly beautiful colors?

There are times when things get a bit dull. We find nothing that sparks an interest. We all need a little inspiration, so it's wonderful to distract ourselves by marveling at stylish designs for the home. 

Using lavender in a wreath
Soft and fragrant

Need a lift? Totally love this idea.....
lining a beautiful old chest with vibrant fabric and making matching pillows.......
how luxurious!

When planning your garden, are you drawn toward specific colors? 
I adore the colors of lavender, pinks and yellows together! 

 Dressing up a wooden tray with chic florals.....perfect for lunch in the country! 

This is so classic and feminine!
Perfect for a bridal shower! 

 Although our hearts are now wishing for mums and pumpkins, 
this would be so ideal for and end of summer luncheon! 
Remember...this is Texas....we are no longer in New England 
where the autumn season is beginning to show her colors! 

Now, this  I LOVE!
 I have just about everything to fashion a luncheon this stylish! 
I'll bet you do too! 
The next time you visit an estate sale.....look for glassware and vintage linens! 

The trade days are going to be next up on our "weekend places to go list."
 I am on the lookout for lavender tea cups and saucers! 
Don't you just love the mix of patterns?

High tea anyone?
Graceful beauty.......

Beautiful dreamer.......
I think it's a good time to update the sleeping quarters
into a luxury suite!
The look and feel of lavender and sage! 


  1. Lavender and sage......I love them both but am a total failure at growing the lavender. I have tried and tried and I just keep killing it! Beautiful post! I could nearly smell the fragrances!

    1. Don't you just love the scent of lavender Linda? No, I have never been successful at growing it, but I think we should continue to perfect this! Thank you for reading today! Hugs to you!

  2. Those are lovely photos. Those colors are lovely together. I did not know that lavender and sage were the new colors for September! Interesting.

    I've tried to grow lavender from seed and it's hard. Have you ever had success growing it?


    1. Hi Deanna! I think we should keep trying to grow lavender and see if we can master the art! It's such a heavenly scent and color....a new obsession I think! Thank you for reading today!

  3. I love all bright colors in my garden and i'm afraid it ends up looking like a rainbow....sigh... ah well some quirks you just have to learn to accept about yourself...:) The builders planted lavender when they landscaped our house and i hate to say it all died...Its the only plant i lost... I worked at a garden center in TX for 15 years and i do know lavender is difficult to grow but once you have the recipe your set! Then why did mine die??? Well, the biggest thing you have to remember with lavender is it doesn't like wet feet...much like roses.....it needs good drainage.....let it dry out a little between waterings.....then water it well..... The builders had set up the lavender on a drip system AND it was getting overspray from the yard sprinklers and it just did not dawn on me what was happening until it was too late.......Lavender is another one of those plants that can do well with a little neglect.....

    I love that picture of that little cake for a bridal shower....that was so lovely.....lavender has always been my favoite color and smell! Lovely post Estelle.....Hugs! deb

    1. Oh thank you Deb! That is such good information! Maybe we should all give this another try! I'm with you....I adore both the color and the scent! Thank you so much for stopping by today! Hugs to you too!

  4. Lavender...

    A beautiful color choice...

    For most any time...



  5. Oooops, missed lavender and _sage_...

    Oh how I love sage!


    1. Me too Tessa! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful weekend!


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