September 5, 2014


To say I loved Joan Molinksy is probably an understatement. My mother, my sister and I have been fans for many, many years....probably 40 to be exact. We own several pieces of her exquisite jewelry, many items from her clothing line and her classic accessories. I have read a few of her books and intend to read more. She made me laugh and yet, she could be rather poignant. I don't like it when people I have had in my life pass on. So today, we remember the good times. 

Remembering Joan Alexandra Molinsky

The 5,730-square-foot home—which sold for $4.4 million in October of 2012
sits on almost 76 acres of land in New Milford, Connecticut.

On this Saturday in late December, Ms. Rivers was made up and dressed up for the camera, but normally her second-home haven is a place to forget all that. “I usually bring some friends up, mostly the ones who are having nervous breakdowns,” she said between bites of brownies and sips of coffee. 

“I tell them: Don’t bring any makeup, no fancy clothes. 
We’re just going to sit by the pool or on the couch and 
drink wine and read books and forget about everything.”

Miss Rivers purchased her country house in December of 2000 I live very formally in New York,” she said, petting the dogs on her lap. “I wanted a place where the dogs can get up on the furniture, where I can make a mess in the kitchen. My biggest thrill is making omelets for my friends. In New York I don’t even know where my kitchen is.”

“I adore New York, but I’d die without this place,” she said. “When I’m working, about the only sleep I get is on red-eye flights. Here, I sleep like a princess,” she added, showing her peach bedroom with a canopy bed and blazing fireplace. “It’s like a fairy tale.”

With so many accomplishments, what more could Ms. Rivers possibly want? “A treehouse,” she said. “A glass treehouse out here, where I can have fabulous dinner parties among the leaves.
“But really, I couldn’t be happier. I’m at the top of my form right now. There’s a certain freedom that comes with age. Thanks be to Botox.”

June 8th, 1933-September 4th, 2014

Photos courtesy of Country Living and Architectural Digest


  1. What a nice tribute. I liked her, too. We are losing too many of the greats these days. I just have to mention that kitchen...Wow!

  2. Oh yes, and I'm sad for the dogs who will not understand what has happened and will miss her terribly.

  3. A lovely tribute to Joan...

    And what a beautiful, beautiful home she had, in Connecticut.

    She certainly must have enjoyed her time here, to the fullest.

    Yes, remember the good times!

    Gentle hugs,

    1. Hi Tessa! I am most certain Joan said she was blessed in her life. It was a beautiful ride even though she had her share of heartaches. Don't we all? I shall miss her. What an inspiration to women she was and still is! Blessing love!


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