August 1, 2014


The birthday celebrations just keep coming! Next in line is sister dear in Pensacola!
"OK...this is my request for my birthday this year! I want a copy of Five Days at Memorial!" 
 This is going to be a tough read. I can understand why she wants to know about the days after Katrina devastated our beloved city of New Orleans. She spent years living there. She married at First Presbyterian church.  She is a registered nurse and knows Memorial hospital. Our parents lived in New Orleans. Our Dad did his residency at Charity Hospital. Our family holds many dear memories of good times in New Orleans. Right before the darling left for the Air Force, we celebrated at Pat O'briens in the French Quarter.
Memorial Medical Center was situated on one of the low points in the bowl that is New Orleans, three miles southwest of the city’s French Quarter and three feet below sea level. The esteemed community hospital sprawled across a neighborhood of double-shotgun houses. Several blocks from a housing project but a short walk to the genteel mansions of Uptown, it served a diverse clientele. Built in 1926 and known for decades as Southern Baptist, the hospital was renamed after being purchased in 1995 by Tenet Healthcare, a Dallas-based commercial chain. For generations, the hospital’s sturdy walls served as a shelter when hurricanes threatened, employees would bring their families and pets, as well as coolers packed with muffulettas.
Sheri Finks writings provide a detailed recounting of what happened at Memorial Medical Center in New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina. What happened when the floodwaters of Katrina  marooned Memorial Medical Center in Uptown New Orleans? The hurricane knocked out power and running water and sent the temperatures inside above 100 degrees. At about 2 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 31 — nearly 48 hours after Katrina made landfall near New Orleans — Memorial’s backup generators sputtered and stopped.

It just so happened I was making a new set of bookmarks to give as small gifts tucked inside the books I am sending to family members. I love creating something special to mark the pages of a beautiful book. I think I know which one I will select for her birthday, along with the Divine Miss M's birthday and her trip to Paris in September!

I think this one is perfect for a new cookbook!

I love this particular one for a new Susan Branch book about the Autumn season!

For her trip to Paris

A bookmark for a new baby book....
Miss Judy is going to be a first time grandma in October!

This one is for the darling......memories of our Maine days of course!

I think I'll keep this one.....it represents my love for birds and all things nature!
Addendum:  Her birthday marks another year older...time to get off the pot ole' girl! Yes, BFF #1 has run off with a new found love. She threw caution to the wind and wound up in another part of the country living her adventure! She seems happy! It's all good. And...BFF #2 has also found a new love. It goes to show that the generation before me, youngster's who find themselves in their 70th decade of life, can experience the best feeling in the world.....falling in love! You have yet to discover your Mr. Wonderful....keep the faith! The good news is... you are soon to be a grandma for the first time. This, my sister dear, will open your heart to falling in love.....with the most wonderful little gift of all! There are certain similarities here.....a need to hold hands.....a need to gaze into their beautiful eyes.....a need to kiss spontaneously.......a need to have unexpected tears of joy run down your cheeks when your heart feels it will burst with happiness.......and oh yes.........the need for someone to hold you when you cry! It's life.......celebrate! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

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