July 31, 2014



This post is coming to you from Luke the Duke!
There is nothing better than to be a six year old during the summer!
It's almost time for back to school, so today, I am sharing my summer fun!

The above superhero is ME!
I invited a few friends and we spent an afternoon at TreeTop in Atlanta
celebrating my birthday!
Pretty brave for being six don't you think?

I know Maine Grandma shared this picture with y'all
last week seeing if you could guess where I was with Mom and Dad on vacation!
Well, we spent a week over on Amelia Island in Florida!
Mom said it reminded her of Savannah!

Here I am at The Ritz-Carlton on our balcony!
 I was pretty excited when I saw the beach and how big the hotel was!
 I told Mom, "it was the bomb!"

It rained off and on during the day.
We went down to the beach, then back up to the pool, then back down to the beach and then gave up and stayed at the pool for the afternoon!
 Mom loves watching me swim!
 Daddy is taking our picture which explains why he is not in the pool!

Mom and Dad took me into this town called Fernandina.
It was really cool at night with white Christmas lights in all the trees!
I told Mom it was "the bomb too!"

As usual, I am so much faster at walking,
 which is why you normally see pictures of me from behind.
The folks just can't keep up with me. It's all part of being a superhero!

 Now, here come the boring photos. This is the part of vacation I don't really like,
but Mom loves it!
We have to walk around what she calls "quaint little towns" and
take pictures of houses.
I still can't believe why she thinks this is a good time?

 Another house.....I kept thinking of taking my boogie board down to the beach...
a superhero needs to show his surfing powers you know...
I could just see it in my mind...riding the waves.....

Puppies......I love puppies!
I was no longer bored!

Now we're talkin'!
I told the store owner to wrap it up.....all of it!

Oh my gosh...would you believe we had to keep walking and take more house pictures?

Mom thought this was "cute!"
I was thinking it was weird!
 What is it about ladies and tea parties?

Enough already!
Can we please go swimming now!!!!

They must have thought I behaved pretty well......
This was some really good ice cream.......
I'll bet the hot girl waiting in line was thinking
"that's one cool dude....
It's my hat.....gets em' every time!

I missed home....I missed Cayden
This is me again....showing Cayden some of my cool sprinkler moves!

 All in all, it's been a pretty cool summer!
 I got to go visit Texas and see my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.
I spent a week at the beach in Florida. 
Mom and Dad gave me a super cool birthday....but the best part of all.....
the part I will remember the most.....
is being a kid in summer and being lucky to have the best Mom and Dad ever!



  1. This was so cute Luke! I also know a super hero!! But I am so glad you had a wonderful Birthday!!
    And what a great kid to go with your parents and take all those boring house pictures, but who knows on how one day you may just build homes just like them and you will know how to build and design them!!
    Your Gramdmas friend... Roxy

    1. Love your comment Roxy! I know he will enjoy this so much! Thank you for visiting today! Hugs!

  2. That was a very well written post. I shouldn't embarrass Luke by saying it was cute

    1. Thank you Miss Vee! I am so happy you enjoyed it! I think Grandma's have a special sisterhood, don't we? it's perfectly fine to gush over our grands...I love reading about them all!!! Thank you for peeking in on me today love!

  3. What a great kid! I just love little boys. My youngest is 9 (on Sunday) and he is the apple of his Mama's eye!


    1. Thank you Deanna! Would love to see and hear more about your children....so fun to watch them play isn't it? They grow up too fast!!! Have a wonderful weekend!


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