August 27, 2014



Creating Your Dream

It was a bit of a last minute surprise that we were able to travel down to our favorite beach spot this year. We arrived early Wednesday evening, unpacked, poured a cocktail and found ourselves standing on that beautiful soft white sand, feeling the cool ocean breeze in our hair! It was enough to bring me to tears.....seriously!  

This was our first experience in a condo for the week. Although the condo was just beautifully decorated, it was not as private as we have been used to, when renting a beach house. The view to the gulf was breathtaking and there was very easy access to the beach. This was a view to the right directly off our balcony!

It was also rather nice to have  cabana boys prepare your
umbrella and beach chairs every morning!

Ah, the memories! Just the darling and me!

How can anyone tire of waking up to this every morning?
I must have taken a million pictures of this very view!

Isn't he beautiful!

We traveled all over.
 This was the darling in Destin....checking out the boats at the marina!

Days of fun in the sun!

Days of beautiful sunsets!

Our favorite time of the day....


Thank you darling......it was wonderful......just like a honeymoon!
Same time, same place.....next year!


  1. Oh lovely! Just the kind of surprise a gal needs at least once a year.

    1. Lovely indeed Vee! Thank you for stopping by today! Are you ready for some cooler weather?

  2. It really looks lovely there! The sand looks so soft and white and I imagine the water was quite warm too. What a nice break for the two of you.

    1. Hi Pamela! It is beautiful and very HOT! I am ready for fall weather, aren't you?


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