July 29, 2014


What a beautiful way for getting your morning protein!

This little baby is a new addition to our kitchen! And, I think, it's probably the greatest invention ever made! It's the perfect little appliance for one or two people. No need to fuss with boiling water or bringing out the bowls and skillet for preparing your breakfast Omelet......this little baby does it all! Hard-boiled, poached, soft boiled, medium boiled and individual breakfast Omelets can be created within a few minutes!

Who doesn't love Eggs Benedict? Since we have downsized from preparing meals for four children, this is a gem for preparing breakfast for the two of us! I think the list is endless for saving time and for convenience! It would be terrific to take along to the beach or camping!
I also adore the color....it's a happy addition to the kitchen! It does, however, come in a variety of different colors! I think this just may be under the Christmas tree for everyone on my list this year!  
The egg cooker was the invention of MarkCharles Misilli!
 He is known for inventing fabulous time savers in the kitchen! 
I want to mention that the egg cooker is also time sensitive, so there is a thermal sensor which will automatically turn off the heating plate when the eggs are done!
What's not to love?


What an "eggcellent" idea!


  1. That really does look cool Estelle.....but camping...? Does it run on battery too...i think i see a cord in one picture...? Hugs! deb

  2. I have never been camping where we did not have access to electricity Deb! This would be ideal for campers in a travel trailer or motor home! Not for tent camping of course....I never go that rustic....LOL! Hope you have planned a wonderful weekend ahead!

  3. Lol! We only go rustic camping ....... so thats what i was thinking... :) Although the older i get the more your style of
    camping appeals to me. :) Hugs! deb


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