June 19, 2014


It can be so fun to take an afternoon and stroll through downtown with
my shopping buddies!
I am a shopper....big time!
It is my favorite pastime with Miss M!
It can be a little challenging with an active five year old,
but we did manage to get through a few of the beautiful stores in the historic district! 
It's always fun to take a peek inside!

I featured this store in a previous post around Christmas of last year.
 It is probably my favorite place to begin with.
Gooseberry Patch used to feature catalogs full of primitives and
I usually ordered something from each seasonal catalog.
They no longer offer these and I really miss that,
especially during the fall and winter seasons.
At some point in time, I am going to buy this garden flag.
We all know who we are talking about...yes Mae Mo.....this means YOU!

It didn't take long for Jenn to find something she liked!

OK! Being a huge AGGIE fan, I normally shy away from anything that could possibly be related to UT, BUT....I do LOVE LONGHORNS (the real longhorns) and I LOVED THIS BENCH!!!! Turned out, I was the ONLY one who liked it! Miss M and Jenn did NOT!
It would go perfect in darling's office....which has a Texas theme going!
I'm keeping my eye on this one!

Oh gosh.....here's another item I may just have to have!

The rooster lamp.....yep...would love it for my kitchen since I collect roosters!
The punched tin luminaries? Yep, love those too!
The signs? Yep...adorable and most of them make me laugh!

Oh how fun and adorable! This was an area of patriotic items!
Do you notice that stunningly beautiful quilt hanging on the wall? Oh, be still my heart!

The small throw pillows were just beautiful!

A Confederate soldier standing beside a Union soldier? Hmmmmmm.......
They are beautifully crafted aren't they?

Now, probably many of you will fall in love with the pottery and
the handmade hot plate holders!
I know I could have bought one of everything! Just gorgeous aren't they?
BUT....here's what you need to know......
We got a very chilly reception upon entering two of these stores. WHY?
We assumed the "glaring glances" were due to shopping with a small child. I can fully understand the shop owners being wary of children misbehaving in their stores and possibly breaking something or touching everything, BUT we were keeping our five year old close and held his hand at all times. He was well behaved. Miss M did not linger long and waited outside for us to finish shopping. We decided to end our shopping trip a bit early after leaving a few stores with a very uncomfortable feeling. We have since read a few YELP reviews and others seemed to have similar experiences. So......I suppose the lesson to be learned is to be "nice and welcoming" to potential customers! Will we return and support the shops that were a bit "snooty" to us? I'll have to give that some thought!


  1. We had a similar reception from a dress shop in a very snooty mall in California once. My daughter, Kelly and I were looking for a prom dress for her and we were dressed in jeans (heaven forbid!) No one came over to ask if they could help us; consequently, we went to another store and bought a $400.00 dress that Kelly fell in love with. Lesson learn..."don't judge a book by its cover!" BTW, we have the same taste in primitives:-D XOXO

  2. I would have gone straight to the pottery but I do like to feel welcomed by the shop owners. It's such a competitive business you would think......But, if you do go back you must buy the flag. :)

    1. Hi Deb....I'll just bet I can find this flag elsewhere. I love that this shop promotes people who handcraft their products....but I wish they would smile and be kind to children!

  3. Oh my goodness...I was right along with you as you strolled through the store, oohing and aahing. I love primitives and I saw so many pretty things, including that gorgeous quilt you admired. But then I stopped when I read that the proprietors were unwelcoming simply because there was a young child along with you. It is so sad that children are not welcomed...particularly without judging him/her on his/her own merits! Very sad.

    1. Hi Cheryl! Yes, it was unfortunate. There are a few stores in this area that do not wish to have children around and they do seem to make it obvious. But...we do love the area so it is a bit of a dilemma. Oh well......have a wonderful weekend love and thank you for visiting!


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