June 18, 2014


The Cousins!
They are growing up!
It is a wonderful thing to have a summer visit with your cousins!
This was Luke's first visit to his Uncle Nick and Aunt Cat's new home,
so June was the perfect month to fly in from Atlanta and enjoy some pool time!
Miss Abbie will be entering high school in the fall and you know how time flies.
The age differences may prove to be different in the coming years,
so I feel the importance in documenting how close they are at this moment in time!

Noah is Luke's hero!
Noah show great care and patience for such a young guy who idolizes his older cousin.
He plays endlessly with this active five year old and they laugh together throughout the day! It would be nice to be someone's hero wouldn't it?
 He is a wonderful role model for his younger cousin!

 As far as Luke is concerned, they are not merely cousins.
He refers to them as his sister and brother!
I so admire Miss Abbie as she watches over both of these little stinkin' boys!

Luke was a tad bit more cautious of Nick's swimming pool than he was our pool.
 We thought probably it was because it was wider with more open swimming space.
Noah did a great job of coaxing him to join in the fun on the giant turtle!

Surf's up Luke......jump in and get wet!!

Aunt Cat blew up the turtle! This Texas gal can do anything!!!!
The kids have a ball on this float!

It sure would be nice to jump on a float and have someone pull you around in the water!

Noah getting some alone time! Looks like he's enjoying this thoroughly!

Franz is a pool lover! You cannot keep him out of the pool!
So he is kept in the way back while the children are in the pool!
I think he looks a bit forlorn way back there!
Dogs just wanna have fun too, don't they?

Mox is doing great!
He decided to chill in the kitchen for a little bit, while we were getting dinner ready!
He has bonded with his new family beautifully.
 Even from a few weeks ago, he came right up to us when we arrived and
stayed closer than he had before! He is so gentle and beautiful!
 I am thankful he is happy and loved!
He and Franz are best buddies.....unless there is a ball involved!

 I know full well there will come a time when things will change.
 Life moves quickly and I treasure the times we have now.
The older you become, the harder it is not to think about how life changes.
 But as Miss Judy says....."for now we are good....today we are golden!"


  1. It's fun to see how fast the cousins grow up and a bit scary too. Are we growing older? :) I was looking at your previous post of all the good food and since it's almost noon time it made me very hungry. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Pamela! I so hope you are enjoying your summer days! Thank you for visiting today!

  2. Dear Estelle, Looks like fun and I hope you took a dip!! Going out with Hubby for a early dinner tonight! We leave for our vacation soon! So excited! Blessed hot lazy days to you and yours!
    Blessings, Roxy


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