June 17, 2014


All in all, I would say Estelle's did a pretty good job in keeping the company fat and happy!
These are a few highlights of the amazing recipes on the menu!
All of these recipes will be shared in upcoming posts so stay tuned.

Chocolate Cinnamon Friendship Bread

Gone in Two Days

The Welcome Home Lunch
Estelle's Antipasti Salad with Fresh Summer Fruit

 OMG! May I have the recipe!

Cream Cheese Lemon Trifle

French Toast with Fresh Strawberries and Maple Praline Syrup

Estelle's Chuckwagon Salad

What a fantastic summer dinner!

Her Daddy....and his.....one and only favorite daughter!

Her Momma and My.....one and only favorite daughter! You too Luka!

It could not have been better!
It's always hard to pack all this fun into one week, but, we managed to do it!
We enjoyed our last night together out to dinner at Half Shells!
We'll leave the light on....until next time!


  1. I love lemon anything. I hope you are going to share the lemon cream cheese trifle!
    Wonderful photos of your lovely family.

    1. You are so sweet Beth...thank you! Yes, I will share all the recipes! You are going to just love the lemon trifle...it was a real hit with everyone in the family!!!

  2. The food looks wonderful!! You and your daughter have the most beautiful complexions, must be all that wonderful food you make!! Have a wonderful summer and Thank you for all the recipes you share with all of us!! Sending a hug your way.

    1. Thank you sweet Patti! I so appreciate your kind comments and for visiting Estelle's! Hugs back and I also hope you are enjoying summer at your home too!


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