May 15, 2014


An independent woman….going it alone for some time now. She’s a bit complicated and sort of eccentric. She does not use her cell phone, although she does own one. It’s old and now considered a dinosaur of cellphones. She does not quite understand or like Facebook, let alone Twitter, Tweet, Twerk or Instagram. She raised a child on her own from the time he was 12, after her husband of 15 years walked out the front door one day and decided he would be happier living with a woman who lived around the corner. She worked full time, paid off her home, bought herself a fairly reliable used car and still to this day, mows her own lawn. I marvel at that. And now….she is considering looking for a potential “gentleman caller.” This is her term, not mine. This translates into “single senior looking to date.”
She has been single a very, very long time. She seems dazed and confused by the pace and energy of the world. How will she ever consider one of those on-line dating sites? I told her I would help give her the push she needed. I have received several drafts of her dating profile and feel she is sending me edited versions of the real thing. I tell her…..”how about I help you here?”
I think seeing herself as someone else sees her, just may give her the confidence she needs. I would love for her to find someone….someone who has the same goodness she possesses. Someone to love her for all her kindness, quirkiness and feline addiction.
I like to wear old sun hats. I have beautiful skin and intend on keeping it that way. I do not sunbathe or sit in the sun unless I have on a big beautiful hat, or perhaps an old garden hat, big sunglasses and am completely shaded by a big garden umbrella. Therefore, I have no tan lines, sunspots or many wrinkles for that matter. I do not believe in expensive beauty products....only soap and water. I have been told I have a beautiful complexion for someone my age...I take that as a compliment! I have always preferred the mountains more than the beach.

I believe in comfort. When I was younger, I believed in being fashionable....now....not so much. There is nothing better to me than a good pair of tennis shoes. Yes, I love color and an up-to-date style of shoe, but nothing makes me happier than having on comfortable walking shoes! I have not worn a pair of high heels in thirty years. When I attend the theater or a holiday party, you will see me wearing a sweet pair of ballet flats!

I like old things. My home reflects my life...old. worn and relaxed.
 My favorite color is yellow and I use it where ever it makes sense.
I have loved and owned cats my entire life. You will find a cat on a quilt in a few corners around my house. Perhaps on the back of a wing chair or surveying my domain on top of the formal dining table. I probably am making a trip to Wal-Mart every other day for cat food! I like naming my cats with names of sophistication.
I have earned two college degrees.
I read the Bible.
I love Bette Midler.
If you asked what I was passionate about, other than my child, I would have to say gardening. I have always had a green thumb and can grow beautiful Bougainvillea , jasmine and roses. I spend every Saturday in the yard....mowing, pruning, weeding and fussing about the plants.

My other passion would be reading. I am passionate about books and love to read. I especially like old English novels. Yes, I have recently bought a Kindle and rather enjoy sitting down with this little notebook and losing myself in a good novel!

I like coffee in the afternoon....around 3 PM....in a good comfy chair....  

One of my favorite things is to go out to breakfast..
I would rather go have a relaxing hot breakfast, rather than a romantic dinner.  

I have a good circle of girlfriends. These friendships have lasted for many years and are relationships I treasure. I have been told I am a good listener and rather good problem solver. Most of us are single and share our holidays...we also formed a bowling team! We call ourselves, "The Pearls!"

One of my hobbies is to visit flea markets and estate sales.
 Every weekend you will find me crisscrossing the city to find vintage......stuff!

My favorite place to travel would have to be England!
I have been there before and have always dreamed of returning one day.

My favorite food is bread pudding....any kind.....with a tangy lemon sauce,
 but Bourbon sauce will do!
I like cold spaghetti and mayonnaise sandwiches.

I could not tell you who Bradley Cooper is, but I adore Cary Grant.
Give me a good Turner Classic Movie any day!

 I bid the world good night about 10:30 PM...no silk or lace....I prefer cotton.
I have an old brass bed that is held together with wire....it works...
it's comfortable even though it's a bit wobbly and squeaky.

 So...this is me......."did I mention I live with cats?"
My advice to "Single Senior Looking to Date?"
"Just be yourself.
Because in the end, you want someone to appreciate you for who you really are.
Just don't mention that the heater doesn't work and the lawn mower is broken.
 Don't mention that the left front car window won't roll up any longer and
it's a problem when it rains.
I know there is a good guy out there who loves cats,
enjoys a good cup of Joe in the afternoon and
remembers Lana Turner.
Just Be Yourself!"


  1. Very interesting post!!

    1. Hi Beth! Hope you enjoyed the post and are having a good week! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. If I read this right, this is a friend of yours and you have written this for her. If so, I know she and I could be great friends. All the best to her. Deb

    1. Hi Deb! Yes, this is actually just a bit of fiction based on a good friend of mine. Dating is a whole new ballgame in later years.....glad you enjoyed it! Hope you are gearing up for a wonderful weekend!

  3. Sounds like the beginning of a great rainy-day-read novel.
    Perhaps you have a book in your mind!


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