May 14, 2014


Summer Vacation
Company’s Coming!

What does "hospitality" mean to you? Do you plan and prepare for your guests? I follow my Mother's lead in hosting company. Anytime we had out of-town guests, Mother added special touches to our home in order to make company feel welcomed and very special. It was always an exciting time and almost had a holiday feel to the occasion since there was hustle and  bustle all about!

Special attention should be given to your front door entrance! It's the first impression anyone gets and it shows you care and value your home, your family and yes, your guests! Freshly planted flowers, whimsical garden signs, lighting, and a manicured lawn will reflect your special style!

Everyone gathers in the kitchen and it is normally true that your guests will be hungry after a day of travel. I can say the Divine Miss M will always have a beautiful array of snacks for us to nibble on along with a cold glass of Pinot. Take pride in your kitchen by displaying beautiful china, an array of beverages, Italian meats and smoked cheeses with toasted baguettes or crackers. Fresh fruits will be the perfect accompaniment with this type appetizer. Take this time to unwind and catch up on the latest news from their family!

Oh yes....fresh flowers are a must.
They brighten your space and lightly scent your home with beautiful fragrance!
 It makes a huge difference and sends a message that you care and love them!

Breakfast time!
 The aroma of a special breakfast will welcome their arrival on the first morning!
 Make it extraordinary......something they will "ooh and aah" over!
I love the idea of individual baked breakfast casseroles!

MMMMMMM.....Orange cranberry biscuits........

Plan something special for them one day! Let them experience a local place that you enjoy and can relax. Wouldn't this be a fabulous idea, rather than a busy restaurant where you waited over an hour to be seated? How lovely to sit and soak in nature's beauty, talk through the night and laugh about old times!

With the weather permitting,
most of us love to sit out by the pool and light a fire....
even in summer!
Light some candles and play your favorite music.....
see if you can name the constellations!

Dinner can be casual and easy!
 Try to make it a special presentation, however, that show them your wow factor!

The guest bath is a very special place!
Fresh, fluffy towels, candles, lotions, tissues....
stay awhile, linger, relax and breathe.....
It can be very Ritz-Carlton!

Your guest room.....Sweet Dreams!
Who doesn't appreciate fresh, soft linens, soft lighting and a cool bedroom!
Fluffy pillows...sleep tight

What a lovely and memorable visit.....
Hugs and kisses goodbye.....
Wish them safe travels!
It's a lovely way of life in the South

 I am joining Roxy at Living From Glory to Glory today....
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  1. You're going to all that trouble for my next visit??? That's so awesome of you, Mom!

    1. Of course I will treat you like company.....please come see your Mother! My darling boy.....I'll bake a cake!

  2. A lovely post Estelle!

    1. Thank you sweet Beth! I always enjoy your visit!

  3. Awwwwww....I loved your post Estelle! Your visitors must feel so pampered and so special!

    1. Why thank you Jan! I am so happy you enjoyed this! Hope you are having a wonderful week and as always, I thank you for visiting today!

  4. Just the kind of post that makes a gal sigh... Once hosted a college chum for a week and made sure that we were on the go seeing the sights every day. In the end, her favorite memory is of the evening we went to the lake for a swim and played cards by candlelight. Sometimes, it's the simple things.

    1. That is a fun story Vee! I love it! You should share that story on our blog...would love to hear the entire adventure! Thank you for visiting today!

  5. Dear Estelle, This was just so fresh and comfy looking and helps me to look forward to my stay with my sister coming up! She always make our trips so special and cozy! I have been a bit busy with outside work, planting and such!
    But blogging and visiting you is a treat for me, Hey can I borrow that teal luggage???
    xo Roxy

    1. How wonderful for you Roxy, that you have an upcoming visit with your sister! That should a fun and happy time! Gardening is a good thing to busy with! I love that luggage too!!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


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