May 7, 2014


Another fun day at Third Monday! It was a beautiful Saturday and Trade Days was calling our names to come enjoy the hunt for trash and treasures! This will most likely be the final month we go as that infamous summer weather will soon be hitting the great state of Texas. May should be a bit warm to go walk around the flea market so our plan is to wait until October for our next trip!

As you can see, the hanging baskets are gorgeous!
I thought they were a bit expensive however at $25.00 per basket.

This produce stand smells incredible! Fresh oranges and tomatoes!
Beautiful and tempting!

I love this stuff! I am always tempted to buy another design and think by October, I will be ready to purchase another one! I know someone who loves that turquoise!
I sure wish Miss M would come go with us one time!

This little block was so darn cute....wouldn't this be a wonderful baby shower gift for a new mom?

Yes, they have boutique style clothing! I took a second look at this lace peasant top....darn!
I should have bought this!

Of course, we treated ourselves to a corn dog for lunch!
The aroma of "fair food" makes time spent at the flea market that much more pleasurable!

This will be the last of the Colonel Reb logo....they don't make them any longer....
Ole Miss will always be represented by The Colonel to the darling and me!

Pampered pooches being strolled through Trade Days. This would never work with Mae Mo!

Big crowd of shoppers on this gorgeous spring day....so much fun!!

If you are looking for cool and fun college things.
 then you will probably come across something you like at trade days!  
Jenn should have bought one of these hats...perfect for a visit to Austin!

I adore this antique chair!
 I realized I have one just like it in the princess room expect ours has a cane seat.
I love this needlework tapestry on this.....$85.00!

Here's the trash.....perhaps a few treasures hidden somewhere!
Scary lookin' Dude right there!

Now this is a treasure to me! I can picture this having been used in an old hardware store!

This is where I could really spend some pennies! Aren't they gorgeous? I am always reminded how we used to always visit the nurseries when visiting Jackson. It was one of Mother's most favorite things to do. We always bought three of everything...one for Mother, one for Miss Judy and one for me! Wish I could still do that.......we all came home with a few treasures and more fun times in making memories! October will be a great time to go! Autumn decorations, pumpkins and apple cider! My favorite time of all! Can't wait!!!


  1. HI there!!
    Was this in Wimberley,TX? It looks familiar. If it is not Wimberley then you definitely need to give Wimberley a try. Hugs!deb

    1. I have not been to Wimberley but sounds like we should check this out! Thank you for suggesting a new flea market!

    2. Your welcome!! Hubby and i were blown away! We had never been to such an extensive flea market before...It has wonderful meandering trails that are lined on both sides with stalls. I think i was a little enchanted with Wimberley because my daughter's name is Amberly. LOL! Hugs!deb

  2. Your day out sounds wonderful. You got some great photos of the action! I think I would like a corn dog too. I haven't had one in about 100 years!

    1. Well Beth, I hope you are able to treat yourself to a corndog real soon! Hope you are going to be honored happily on Mother's Day!


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