January 27, 2014


Me: “What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?”

Sister: “Well, I actually scheduled my cataract surgery!”

Me: “Cataract surgery? Where is your sense of romance?
 Good lord! 
You need a man! 
Someone a tad bit older with A LOT of money!” 

“Breathless, we flung us on the windy hill, laughed in the sun and kissed in the grass.”
~Rupert Brooke

Someone to toast with Champagne?

Someone to share breakfast in bed with .......
feed each other heart shaped pancakes and strawberry butter....
isn't that romantic?

Someone to go dancing with?

Perhaps someone who gives you a stand of pearls.....
or telephones you and says......
I just called to say, "I love you....."

“He gave her a look,
you could pour on a waffle.”
~Ring Landner

Sister: “No, no, no, no!!!! The last thing I need is some man, probably in his 80’s and dependent on little blue pills, that I have to take care of!”

Me: "Didn't you watch Sex in The City?"

Sister: "Who didn’t? I had my time of being adventurous when I lived in New Orleans, remember? We stayed up until the wee hours of the morning, drinking wine and being crazy in lust! That was a long time ago…..I think it was probably enough for me!”

Me: “Oh, well now just because we are decades older, doesn’t mean we are six feet under…not yet, anyway. Don’t you want to see if it’s possible that your “Mr. Big” is out there somewhere? Carrie Bradshaw never gave up on love. In the very end, Mr. Big fell head over heels in love……I will never get over the scene in the closet and those marvelous blue shoes he held onto for her…..sigh…..

Sister:  inaudible

Me: “Are you laughing or wheezing?”

Sister: “OK, here’s the deal.  Did you see the episode where Samantha was going to date an elderly man until she saw his naked, wrinkly butt walking into the bathroom?"

Me: inaudible

Sister: “Are you laughing or wheezing?”


  1. Reminds me of a conversation my sister and I once had. I said that I was praying for a rich husband. She told me not to complicate things and just pray for money. LOL!


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