December 16, 2013


Appreciation and a special thank you to those who
 love hearth, home and holiday celebrations!
There has been so much going on in both Atlanta and in Texas!
Sometimes, the saying, "Home for the Holidays" has special meaning!
Let's take a visit to Atlanta and see what the Divine Miss M has been up to!
Just look at how stunning this room is! Luke's school hosts a yearly holiday festival known as "An Old Fashioned Christmas!" This year, due to the rainy and cold weather Atlanta has experienced, they had to move their grand affair inside. Miss M and another Mom decorated this entire room which was known as the "A Visit with Santa" room. WOW! This looks like a professional store display. One of the Dad's actually built Santa's sleigh. Talk about making magic!

After spending so much time and effort on the school's "An Old-Fashioned Christmas", it was time to put up the Christmas tree in Luke's playroom. How does she find the time and the energy? Mom's are amazing aren't they? It's all accomplished so that children have warm and happy memories of their own Christmas's past. So, while Luke was at school, up went the tree, on went the lights and the adventures of Elf on the Shelf began!

 Luke's Elf on the Shelf is named "Snowy!" Miss M began this tradition last year and oh, what fun they had making up adventures for Snowy! In fact, both sets of grandparent's, known as Maine Grandma and Papa and Ohio Grandma and Nonno, would anxiously await an email and picture of the daily Snowy scene!

The look of excitement when he is home from school and
Snowy is discovered on his own little tree!

Getting ready for school the next morning, Snowy is discovered arranging Luke's  manager scene downstairs!
I love the fact the Fisher-Price developed the manager set
which allows little ones to play and know the true meaning of Christmas!
Then it's baking time....
homemade Red Velvet Cupcakes to sell at the school store!
Miss M makes homemade cocoa and
Christmas baked goods for the children
when they are dismissed from school!
Wish we had something like this when we were children!

How festive!

On this cold day, children were anxiously awaiting
a hot cup of cocoa and chocolate crinkle cookies!

Patiently waiting for Daddy!

The Homecoming!
Isn't it wonderful to have a little one look this happy
when you walk through the door!

Back in Texas, it was a Friday night Christmas Cookie Bake-Off
hosted by this beautiful Mommie-Daughter duo, Abbie and Andrea!
I love the fact that our one and only granddaughter loves to bake!
Hmmm....I think she is going to be delighted with her
Treasure Hunt Christmas Eve gift....hint, hint!

Now.....for our biggest news of all!
Our son Nick and his bride Catherine are proud new homeowners!
After a frustrating search, they found their dream home!
It appears the current homeowners
have not had time to take down their pumpkins!
Now THAT is the true meaning of HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!
It will be a Celebratory Christmas indeed!


  1. What lovely sharing of your elves! It's such a busy time and you've captured the love of home and hearth beautifully. Happy Holidays to you and your dear family, XOXO

    1. Thank you Susan! Hope your holidays are healthy, happy and merry!

  2. I take it Miss M is your amazing daughter!! She IS amazing!! Loved seeing all her beautiful creations and I am like you!!! WHERE oh WHERE do these amazing daughters get their energy? I have one myself - Amber!
    Love getting to know you and your family. Your blog is so beautiful! LOVE all the interesting things on your side bar!

    1. Yes Linda, Miss M is my daughter! She is a busy Mom> You know all too well how amazing and devoted your daughter is to her "Quads!" I so enjoy those little cute videos you post. How fortunate that y'all have family so close by! It warms my heart that you enjoy Estelle's! That has been the most rewarding part of blogging hasn't meet new friends and share in the love and lives of such sweet people! Merry Christmas Love!


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