December 31, 2013


Remember the credo of Walt Disney~
Think, Believe, Dream, Dare.

Basically, it's all about avoiding the winter blahs,
cabin fever and in general , the
"I've been cooped up inside too long blues!"
 I do this every year after Christmas,
clearing away the rubble and glitter of the season,
and going through all the closets and cupboards
so that everything has a place and everything is in its place. 
Remember that nothing important was ever achieved
without someone's taking a chance.

One of my goals is to create an herb garden

Remember that nobody who ever gave his best regretted it. 
~George Halas.

Today, which is bright and shiny, is still very cold, and
so indoor activities continue to rule my days. 

The sky last night was just lovely. A full moon
glittered the edges of the few clouds, all
silvery, slightly haunting , but still beautiful. 

When you see the sun rising in the morning,
and it makes the winter trees glow rose gold,
 give thanks for this perfect moment in time.

Never forget that regardless of where you are on life's journey,
something unexpected and amazing can lie just around the bend
Wishing you a very
 Happy and Healthy New Year

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  1. I hope you do create an herb garden and show it off in the new year. Glad you enjoyed the kitten photos. Aren't they lovely! All the best to you in 2014. Hugs, Deb


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