January 1, 2014


I began 2014 by sitting on the "Do Better Bench!" You see, I have learned that Luke's class has an actual little bench that is used in place of "time-out!" When life hands you lemons and you are stomping around with a pouty expression, it's time to sit and give thought to your behavior on the "Do Better Bench!" How delightful is that? Why not apply that to our grown-up life and give some thought to the things we wish to change in our brand new year. And, so I began by somewhat simplistic promises I am making to myself....nothing major, nothing that isn't impossible to achieve or those impossible resolutions that fall by the wayside within a few weeks....just doing better in life!

A Bad Habit I’m Going to Break
Wearing slacks....I promise myself to wear more dresses and skirts.


A New Skill I Would Like to Learn
Landscaping a beautiful English garden

A Place I Would Like to Visit
Pensacola Beach, Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia
Hilton Head, South Carolina

A New Book I Would Like to Read
The Obituary Writer: A Novel
A Person I Would Hope to be More Like
My husband
He is ever so kind, very intelligent,
a true southern gentleman, a wise and protective parent and
so very dedicated to his family


A New Food I Would Like to Try
All the fresh vegetables life has to offer

A Letter I am Going to Write
To Dr. Rita, the most compassionate Veterinarian,
who prayed over our 19 year old Boone kitty when he was put to sleep and for rescuing Mae Mobley and her siblings from a not so easy life.
She brought Mae into our world and I am ever so thankful.

A Good Deed I am Going to Do
Send surprise gifts to my family

I Am Going to do Better At
Making life more beautiful
How about you?
What thoughts did you come up with after spending time on
YOUR "do better bench?"


  1. I love all your Do Better deeds......... We have a few the same. My husband is much the same as yours and i could do no better than to strive to be like him. He is open and friendly and loving and ever so kind. Always looking for ways he can help someone from family to a total stranger.
    I want to Procrastinate less this year.... I'm terrible at that... I want to silence my fear of failure that is that like a broken record in my head stopping me from attempting many things... Oh heck can i just have your list?! :) The Do Better Bench, love the idea! Happy New Year! Hugs! deb

    1. Thanks for sharing Deb......;yes....sharing is possible! Love your comment. Happy New Year precious!

  2. All these things seem quite achievable and I reckon you will be very pleased with yourself if you get them done. You'll be able to look back on all the interesting things you've done rather than look at a list of silly resolutions that never came to fruition.

    Cheers Joolz xx


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