November 18, 2012

Will you meet me for coffee? I drive a Cadillac!

The office ……a short story….what’s a girl to do?
This is a story about Miz Robeline.
The story is true and actually, so is Miz Robeline
but that’s not actually the real name in this tale of intrigue.

You sometimes wake up just as always…..the alarm rings 5:30 AM. You make coffee, shower, apply a light touch of make-up, dress in your uniform-type office attire and out the door you go. All seems normal. You go through the day until noon and it’s time for lunch. Thirty minutes to quickly devour a sandwich, an apple and a bottled water. Exciting, huh? Then it’s back to the computer to problem- solve for the afternoon.

An unexpected turn…it’s 1:00 PM

“Oh Miz Robeline! Someone left a bag for you at the front desk. He asked me to give it to you personally!”

A look of surprise comes across Miz Robeline's face. “For me? Who is this from?”

The girl is answering Miz Robeline in a whisper over her shoulder, as she is walking back to her desk……”the gentleman said he wished to thank you for being so kind and compassionate to him the other day….said he found you to be so helpful…”

Miz Robeline peeks into the bag with a perplexed expression. She carefully pulls out two envelopes, along with a box of chocolates.

Envelope # 1 is thanking her for being helpful regarding a small computer problem he was having. He stated he felt she showed a lot of compassion (I don’t get this? Compassion? Regarding a computer issue? Please!) and her suggestions had proven to be so helpful to him (OK…I DO get this…helpful at resolving the issue…I am totally fine with this). He then stated that he found her to be very attractive….(whoa buster….here it comes….the wham-bam-thank ewe Ma'am) He would like to invite her to meet him for a cup of coffee..(Coffee? Hmmm….a Starbucks perhaps…I do love a Grande White Mocha with extra cream…)….

OK…..thus far, we have a box of chocolates….and an invitation for coffee! I hope he did not mean Denny’s early breakfast crowd or the Cracker Barrel senior’s…..(wait a minute, I AM a member of the Cracker Barrel seniors)....Starbucks, perhaps?…..how intriguing!

Envelope #2..his “Bio”……(good lawd! Are you kidding me?) He drives a late model Cadillac, he loves to sail (said it was his passion….well, it’s good to have a passion, I suppose), owns his own boat, an RV , which he enjoys traveling in and camps around at State and National Parks. He touted he owns not one, but two homes (he did not mention skiing, so I am going to assume this is a home base, then a small condo in Florida.) He is the father of one son and grandfather of two. (how nice….uh, what about a wife? Widowed? Divorced? Separated?...what’s the deal Lucille?) He has been a member of the Mt. Holy Hill Baptist Church for 51 years…(not 50, 51….oh, lawd…..he's a Baptist! That ain't good scooter!)

SO, ok……this is how it was. She stood there thinking about all of this for the next five minutes. She places the envelopes back into the bag, but unwraps the chocolates. She chooses one with pecans and caramel and ponders envelope #1. She removes envelope #2 and rereads the bio. She then calls her coworker into her office and says…..”sit down…..I have something I need you to read! Oh, would you like a chocolate?”

Is this modern dating? Why two envelopes? Why the long biography of himself and may I add, with no mention of marital status? How many copies of this life’s biography do you suppose he has?

What’s your theory and what would you do?

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  1. Gosh,never heard anything like it! Perhaps he is an old fashioned gent, and his bio is to prove he's not 'a creep'?
    Jane x


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