November 17, 2012

Turkey in the Snow

Thanksgiving Day in Maine....Are We Really Going to Fry the Turkey?

It looks very cold outside.....the neighborhood is quiet...everyone is warm and toasty inside and the aroma of turkey "roasting in the oven" permeates their homes.

That's how they do it in Maine....they

Hey! There is a tad bit of sunshine peeking through the snow clouds!

Thanksgiving Day Breakfast was served. The plan was still in place.....we were from the South and gosh darn it.....we were gonna "Fry that Turkey!"

Mae was busy keeping an eye on her "Mr. Jimmy!" He was enjoying his Thanksgiving Feast! Mr. Jimmy was her bestie.....I just wonder......"is anyone feeding you Mr. Jimmy? Mae Mo says "Hey!"

Oh lord.....here she is being all tough and pretending to hide from
Mr. Jimmy's view! "Be vewy, vewy quiet...."

The pies were  ready!

Checking out the back woodlands...deer tracks were everywhere!

Don't you know we were the only ones in Maine frying a turkey in the snow!!

Oh Darling....how perfect he is! Good job!

Yet, another pefect Thanksgiving Day....so thankful for it all!


  1. No snow here, yet. Mae Mobley hunts like Audrey. These are great candid shots. Love the little barn ornament. I'm looking forward to following along as you decorate for Christmas. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs, Deb

  2. Canadians BBQ in the snow and Texans fry turkeys!
    Jane x

  3. The pics of the cat are so funny. Ours do that when there is a hawk or roadrunner outside. lol

  4. What a wonderful blog post. So pretty. I cannot imagine the snow and it just seems so dreamy to me! I want to reach in a grab that crispy gorgeous turkey skin.


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