November 8, 2012

Did You Ever Throw a Hissy Fit?

"How's it looking, Luke?"

"It's wookin a wittle wike ders no floor, daddy."

I had reported on a previous post about adding a new deck to the Atlanta house. I believe this project began last year and yes, indeed, our darling Jay has worked feverishly on completing this ambitious undertaking. The Divine Miss M captured this father-son moment during a painting session near the end of the project. However, just how many "hissy fits" were thrown during the process? Inclement weather, a fall from a ladder, staining, painting, unsatisfactory wood, etc...the list goes on and on...countless trips to Home Depot...but, stay tuned....it's a beauty!!

Now, ya'll ready for that Hissy Fit Dip?

16 ounces sour cream
8 ounces cream cheese, softened
8 ounces Velveeta, small cubed
1 cup white cheddar cheese, shredded
1 pound pork sausage, crumbled, cooked and drained
1/4 cup green onion, finely chopped
1 T. Worcestershire sauce
1 t. onion powder
1/2 t. ground sage
1/2 t. smoked paprika
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
Dash of garlic powder
 fresh cracked pepper to taste

In a mixing bowl, combine all ingredients; stirring until well blended. Place in your crock pot that you have sprayed with non-stick coating. 
Serve with crackers or chips!

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