June 21, 2012

Miss Alma's Pound Cake...No Substitions!

Miss Alma was a dear friend of Mothers. She had a husband who lavished her with expensive gifts. She had a magnificent country home and she had four children.  I loved her husband who dressed to the nines, smelled of expensive cologne and bourbon.... and had a huge and hearty laugh! Miss Alma's  daughter Beth and I were the same age and close friends. The oldest son, David, became a doctor and was rather good-looking. The two small boys were hell on earth! Horrible I tell you! We went on several vacations together and visited each other often. They lived in North Mississippi in a very small town, so everyone knew when we were visiting. Miss Alma and Mother often exchanged recipes and the one thing Miss Alma made that was to die for was this......

Once we moved home to Texas, I so looked forward to unpacking all of our books, especially my cookbook collection. I have been pouring over them ever since! We bought three new bookshelves for our media room upstairs and they are BEAUTIFUL! It is soooo good to have our library of books out on display. We never unpacked them in Maine and thank goodness for that since our stay was not as long as expected. Anyhoo......I am going to share with you one of the BEST POUNDCAKES EVER! Mother wrote on the recipe card to be sure to use real butter.....no substitutions!! Yes Ma'am!!

Miss Alma's Pound Cake
2 sticks of butter
1 2/3 cup sugar
A Pinch of Salt
2 cups flour
5 eggs

Cream butter and sugar well. Blend in salt. Add flour and beat well. Gradually add eggs, one at a time, until all five have been added and mixed well. Bake in a slow oven @ 300 degrees F. for 50 minutes.

Estelle's is serving this tonight with lemon curd, fresh strawberries and sweetened whipped cream! Oh yeah.......


  1. Oh yeah! I love the look of this. Thank you for the recipe now that strawberry season is here. hugs, Deb

  2. Yum, yum, yum! That looks beautiful...and I'm sure will taste even better! We have blackberries coming in now...I'll bet they would make a good topping.


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