February 9, 2012

It's a Full Moon.....The Stars Are in Alignment....

God, bless this house and all who live here. Fill this dwelling with an ambiance of peace, prosperity, health, happiness, harmony and love. Let this space shine with divine light and beauty and provide a warm, comfortable haven from the world. May only beings that are kind-hearted and well-intentioned enter here. May nature's spirits feel welcome and live with us as friends. May all who enter here receive what they need, and feel richly blessed with their heart's desires.

The Divine Miss M's Idea....a fresh bouquet!

The Maine House in on display this morning. We have had a somewhat dismal three months on the market. We were hoping for a faster move home, but life plays out the way God intended, doesn't it? Last Saturday, Darling and I woke up very early to prepare for a fourth house showing. The front sidewalk, which is a little steep and simply covered with ice and snow had to be cleared for welcoming potential buyers! This is rather strenuous and takes about 2 to 3 hours to clear!

See...even a Mississippi boy can use a Snowblower!

Meanwhile, I went into "Cinderella Mode" and was cleaning, scrubbing, swiping, polishing and dusting! I fluffed all the pillows, made sure a nickel bounced off the beautifully made beds, and that you could see your reflection in the soaking tub! I even was baking chocolate chip cookies in the early morning hours, while having morning coffee. Mae Mobley knew something was awry and I could tell she thought we were certainly in a fuss about something!

What's Happening?

We accomplished our assigned tasks, packed up Mae Mo' and headed out the door. So proud....who could not fall in love with our home? I love welcoming visitors, friends and family with the warmth of a clean, sparkling home, a warm fire glowing and comforting smells of either freshly baked bread, hot apple pie spiced with cinnamon or warm chocolate chip cookies! Then.....the phone rang.....the showing was cancelled! It appears that the potential buyers had just written an offer on the previous house! I could hear the air deflate from our sails.......home again, home again, with not so much as a jiggity-jig!

Home Again

It's all going to be ok! God has a plan and I hold faithful to that way of thinking! We are learning patience and to be thankful for our blessings. Even though this is a stressful process...the selling and purchasing of houses, it's the end result that we keep our eye on. Yes, traveling back and forth every other week is somewhat exhausting and stressful, but the outcome will be that Darling and I will be back in Texas, with our family and new owners of The Maine House will be fortunate enough to experience all the lovliness, fun and surrounding beauty of our little New England Village! It's what's inside The Maine House that matters most...

Comfort Food Being Served by Estelle's Tonight! Welcome Home!
Recipe Shared By Miss Rita Recipes

Crunchy Mustard Chicken
5 boneless, skinless chicken thighs
1 cup yellow mustard
1 large can French-fried onions
House Seasoning, Salt, Pepper and Garlic Powder

Wash and dry the chicken thighs. Season with the house seasoning and SLATHER (Miss Helen's favorite word, especially when referring to butter) with yellow mustard. I sprinkle with a little cayenne pepper at this point! Crush the french-fried onions and press the mustard coated thighs into the crushed onions. Make sure both sides are well covered. Place in a greased baking dish and sprinkle with a little olive oil. Cover with foil and bake at 300 degrees F. for 45 minutes or until desired doneness. Estelle's serves this with a spicy corn pudding! Ya'll....I am telling you, this smells amazing and is one of my most requested main dishes...from Atlanta to Mississippi to Florida!!!

Don't Worry....Be Happy!


  1. So stressful, I know just how you feel. It's so hard to live in "picture perfect world," ready for a showing at any moment. One thing for sure, anyone who is looking this time of year is a serious buyer! There are cold weather people and warm weather people. Those who love Maine and even the hardships of the snow and bitter temps, will love the coziness of your beautiful home! Jobs change, lives change and there's a buyer out there that will find you. Probably about the time you are knee deep in wedding events... at least that's how it always seemed to happen with us!

  2. I'll keep my fingers crossed on the next people to see your house! Your kitchen looks sooo pretty, love the cabinets! :)

  3. What would I do without sweet dear ones and fellow bloggers!! Ya'll certainly make me smile! Thank you Kim...the cabinets are Maple and I love them too! Oh yes, Joycee...two weddings...all good things! It's so funny how we have exprienced such similar paths....as always, I appreciate your comments and love your blogs of your family stories!


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