October 13, 2011

Texas Meets Maine...October Afternoons

Our dear Texas friends arrived in Boston Friday night. We have been planning this trip for a few months so once we arrived at Logan to pick them up, the fun was non-stop. We made our way over to our absolute favorite dining spot,  Antonio's, for the cocktail hour and dinner! They could not quite believe they had started their morning in Texas and here they were, having this fabulous Italian dinner in Boston!

A Maine House Mosaic

Then it was back to The Maine House to make our official "Welcome to Maine!" We packed alot into the next few days. It was the perfect balance of area tours and sightseeing, along with just relaxing on the deck or out by the firepit on the Adirondacks with a good glass of wine. They even were fortunate enough to see one of doe's in the backyard, which created alot of smiles and whispers of excitement! They got to taste their first Lobster Roll, have a locally brewed Shipyard beer, experience the Maine coastline and walk on Pine Point Beach in Scarborough. They were also in awe of seeing their first lighthouse at Portland Head Light.

Portland Head Light in October

Pine Point Beach

On Saturday, we spent the morning and afternoon shopping in Freeport. We loaded up our shopping bags at LL Bean and The Stonewall Kitchen! We decided to do an easy lunch since it was such a glorious fall day and savored hot dogs and Strawberry Lemonades from one of the street vendors. Do you ever notice how food just tastes so much better outside?

Kennebunkport, Maine

We motored up to Kennbunkport on Sunday and this was just the icing on the cake! I think they loved Lobster, as they ordered their second Lobster Roll when we stopped at Allison's for lunch. The Landing, our other favorite dining establishment was closed for the season. We shopped and they were able to purchase some wonderful Maine products to take home with them. It looks as though they are going to end up with a Coastal Maine room in their Texas house! Riding along the coast road was spectacular!

Along the Coastline of Kennebunkport

Shopping in Old Port was our final stop when the final day arrived before heading back to Boston. We took them to The Dry Dock for lunch out by the Bay. Oh my, we had the best Butternut Squash Soup we had ever tasted. The autumn color seemed to filter into Maine in just a few days, so the drive to Massachusetts was extraordinary.

Mr. Moose will have a proud spot on the 2011 Christmas Tree

We could not have been more blessed than to have had our dear friends visit, the perfect autumn days to be out and about, and delicious food!
It's the way life should be! 

Remembering "The Good Ole' Days!"

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