October 4, 2011

C'mon.....Get Happy!

If you had to choose a theme song for your life, would it be, "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" or "Shout Hallelujah, C'mon Get Happy"? Great news if you picked the latter: You're less likely to have a heart attack. New British research has found that the more satisfied you are with your life, the lower your danger of coronary heart disease. I hope that sharing these beautiful pictures of Maine, put a smile on your pretty face!

Maine Farm in the Mist

Happy Life, Happy Heart

While it's long been known that negative emotions such as depression and anxiety put you at risk for heart disease, there's been surprisingly little research on whether positive emotions prevent coronary trouble. To find out, scientists asked nearly 8,000 people to rate their satisfaction in seven key areas of life: jobs, family, love, leisure, standard of living, sex, and self. Those who scored higher than average satisfaction in all categories had up to 13 percent less risk of heart disease, heart attacks, and angina. That's major.

Maine Seagulls

People who were happier in four areas -- jobs, families, sex lives, and selves -- also had healthier hearts. But feeling contented in just the other three areas -- leisure activities, love relationships, and standard of living -- didn't have a significant impact.

Adirondak by the Lake.....Serenity

  While it's not yet clear exactly how feeling good about your life helps your heart, it's well established that happiness is vital to your health. Studies have repeatedly found that happy people produce fewer stress-related hormones, have stronger immune systems, and live longer. Now it's clear that one reason is their hearts. Ready to turn that frown upside down?

Pink Garden Rose

Talk nice to yourself. Is your inner voice quick to snap out things like, "How could you forget that, you idiot?" Trade put-downs for encouraging words; they set you up for success.

Connect. Talk -- really talk -- to people you care about; you'll both benefit by connecting. Get physical, too; hugs stimulate oxytocin, the "cuddle hormone," spreading a feel-good boost.

Butterfly in Maine Garden

Keep a gratitude journal. Simply writing down what you're thankful for makes you healthier and more optimistic.

Don't sit around. Physical activity is a significant happiness booster. Get moving for 30 minutes a day!

Lubec, Maine

Meditate. It eases stress, improves sleep, strengthens immunity, and measurably increases happiness!

Help others. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, hospital, or shelter. Giving back adds more meaning which is essential to happiness in your life.

Cape Porpoise, Maine

Go outside.
Spending time with awesome Mother Nature makes you feel alert, enthusiastic, energetic, and, simply happy!

Sheep at Smiling Hill Farm

C'mon, Get Happy

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