October 3, 2011

Wedding Blessings....October's Falling Leaves

The season of fall coincides with harvest time for farmers and gardeners. One of the main reasons to select an October wedding date is the fall weather. Temperatures are likely to be cool, yet comfortable, and the autumn season provides plenty of inspiration for an October wedding. From the rich fall colors to autumn nature motifs such as leaves and pumpkins, an October wedding is an opportunity for a warm, earthy wedding celebration.

A Maine House Mosaic

A country wedding in October leaves plenty of room for dark hues and earthy shades of brown, gold, green and red. Dark red,  warm rusts, or deep pumpkin shades of  bridesmaid dresses look fitting in an autumn country sunset ceremony, with tea-length gowns adding a fun and casual look.

Hosting your wedding reception at a rustic location, such as a barn or large garden, capitalizes on the harvest theme. Look for a barn or similar building that opens up wide to allow guests to wander in and out of the barn freely to the surrounding grounds. Decorations that include wicker baskets stuffed with dried vegetables, cornucopias filled with fruit or bundles of wheat or oats tied with raffia complete the theme. A color palette that includes deep yellows or gold, bold red, deep green and rusty orange plays up the outdoor harvest theme. 

For a more casual look, try bundles of wheat and berries can be bound with strips of muslin or soft, muted ribbons to be used in lieu of flower bouquets. These can also be used as table centerpieces. If you are having an evening reception, indoors or out, consider using small lanterns as table decor. A guestbook with a natural cover made out of recycled paper can be displayed at the reception entrance, while a traditional red and white checkered picnic tablecloth can decorate the gift table. Fall colors such as red, orange and plum are vibrant tablecloth color options for October weddings. Bring in fall seasonal motifs with napkin rings. Crab apple, pine cone and maple leaf designed napkin rings will add interest to a table setting. Choose gold-colored napkin rings for a touch of shine and elegance.

In selecting a centerpiece, this can be as simplistic as glass hurricanes, with white chunky candles surrounded by acorns and walnuts. Velvet ribbons or table runners will add warmth, yet a touch of elegance to your farm tables. It's all about creating soft, warm touches and it's your choice to create opulence or sometimes less is more. Always select unscented candles so the scent does not interfere with the delicious hearty aroma of your reception menu.

Guests at an October wedding will likely appreciate classic seasonal dining options. Apple cider with cinnamon sticks makes a warm and fragrant beverage choice. Consider hearty meal selections such as pheasant, turkey or small game hens. Desserts such as pumpkin pie, apple crisp or creme brulee are alternatives or additions to the wedding cake. Serve fresh-baked rolls and simple vegetables for sides to complete the autumn-themed meal.

Often the details are what brings a wedding together. Add fall touches to details such as favors and decorations. Provide guests at your October wedding with favors inspired by the season. Caramel apples wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbons serve as whimsical treats. Give miniature bottles of maple syrup for another favor option. Small birch bark baskets filled with the ingredients for s'mores make a fun favor for guests to take home at the end of the night.
Never forget what your wedding ceremony is all about.
 Enjoy your wedding, enjoy your guests and family!
Start your new life together with all the sweet blessing life offers!

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