August 3, 2011

The Office!

I have recently had the luxury of organizing. You know, turning the house completely upside down when you attempt to declutter, downsize and clean out closets! Ever since we moved from Texas, this has felt rather temporary as we have not unpacked completely. Don't think we will either. However, as I am going through old photographs in my attempt to buy pretty boxes, and  label each according to location and child, I have been sidetracked in reminiscing. How quickly life changes! Miss Judy asked me just yesterday, if I missed working? Well, I suppose in some ways I do now that I consider myself "retired" since we moved to Maine. For thirty years, my career was in the medical management field. I was fortunate to work for and with great people for the most part. So, I miss the great relationships I had with people...knowing their lives, their parents, their children, their weekend activities. Yes, and I miss the satisfaction I got out of knowing that I was able to help people, especially people my parent's age.

 I happened to come across a picture of me in my office when I was Director of Operations at a major healthcare company in Texas. The picture shows a happy time, during Christmas when my staff presented me with a beautiful Christmas Bowl. When I look closer into the picture, I am quickly reminded of this job and the stress that came with it. Thirty-two staff members to manage, four- large hospital based physician groups and fifty-six CRNA's (certified nurse anesthetists). I take in all of those post-it-notes, excel spreadsheets laying out in front of me, the phone with multiple phone lines blinking, the calenders reminding me of manager meetings, staff meetings, group in-service sessions, client meetings, budget meetings, employee appraisals due, vacation approvals, and hundreds of emails to respond to. I do not miss this needless to say. Thanks for the reminder (I say to myself).  

The Divine Miss M called me earlier this week after our son-in-law had an appointment with a new Orthopaedic physician. This physician quickly established an adversarial relationship with this new patient by his curt responses, his indifference and his lack of care or concern. I was simply appalled at the things he said and his lack of professionalism.

I admire old-fashioned manners. I consider myself fortunate to be a child of the 50's, one foot grounded by traditional values, the other firmly planted in the modern world. I admire kindness in people, and do my best to be kind to others I come into contact with. I remember that everyone has bad days, and that a smile costs me nothing, but can make a big difference to another soul. I let people in when I am in traffic and someone needs to enter my lane from a side road. My email signature always includes "Thank you so very much” at the end. I choose to be gentle with people.

My parents taught me manners. Mother’s favorite saying to me was "Pretty is as pretty does!” But why choose the anger in the first place, when it gladdens the heart to be kind?

It seems that people are angrier than they used to be. People seem quick to blame, to not be embarrassed by harsh words. I was stunned to hear the raw dislike in some people’s voices when calling the business office, not even knowing who was on the other end of the phone. How sad that this can be acceptable social interaction in today's society.

I trust this day finds you well, and that your heart and thoughts are centered on things that uplift you, make you better, finer, more at peace. I hope that you are inspired to remember how nice it is to do a kindness to another soul, and how good it feels to receive kindness in return!

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