June 22, 2021



Hello Loves....how are things going at your house today?
I find most our days are just ordinary, non-eventful days....
perhaps that is something to be thankful for....right?

The month of June has been interesting weather wise...
lots of rainy days in May through the first week in June,
then we just jumped feet first in those hot 90 plus degree days......

But, it sure is lovely to enjoy sitting poolside and
listening to the sounds of nature....

Our Texas Vitex tree is absolutely stunning right now.....

I was so thankful this tree made it through that awful freeze we
experienced last January

What I'm Reading

There are two interior d├ęcor books that I love and look at repeatedly. 
This is one of them. (The other is An Affair with a House by Bunny Williams.).
 Bee Cottage is charming, warm and inviting. 
The garden and pool are to die for and more formal than the cottage interior. 
The rooms have been decorated in a relatable way. You believe that you, too, 
could achieve the look without an oversized pocketbook. 
Some of the tips are genius (e.g., painting built-in hallway drawers to look like furniture,
 using grid of art work to simulate a window). 
Frances Schultz exhibits a joie de vivre and 
doesn't take herself or decorating too seriously!


Mini breakfast waffles with fresh strawberries

Ms. Bobbie's Chocolate Muffins

Strawberry Dumplings

The delicious things you can create
with a tube of Crescent Rolls.....

I believe any summer fruit would be divine is this recipe....

Loaded Beef Enchiladas

Let's talk candles....
I love supporting small family owned businesses
and I found THIS company on Etsy
which specialize in soy crafted dough bowl candles....
not only are their candles top notch,
but they are made right here in our great state of TEXAS!


Red Barn Candle Company
Dallas, TX

And, I just had to share this new Sunflower canvas....
I've had my eye on this for awhile and during the
Memorial Day weekend it went on sale for 20% off plus
free shipping.....I think it's stunning addition to our kitchen!

So that's about it for news from Estelle's!
Hope y'all have a great week and make
some great memories!


  1. A delightful post as always. Never thought of making strawberry dumplings, will now.

  2. Those are mood boosters! Things are pretty slow around my home, too. I packed a quick picnic dinner and my husband and I went to our new neighborhood park to eat dinner last night. It was nice to get out for a while. Your new wall art is gorgeous.

  3. Betsy,
    I think our local strawberry season is coming to an end but I hope I can still find some to make these dumplings!
    Also, those loaded enchiladas! Oh my goodness!

  4. I loved this whole post.
    you're right. Mood Busters! and the video with the wonderful water sounds.
    it's perfect.
    you are professional in your food art shots! they're Amazing.
    Deana Rabe said it best...
    Oh My Goodness! LOL.


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