August 19, 2010

A Fall Day and Mother's Vegetable Soup...A Constant!

A wonderful childhood memory is coming home from school in Autumn and the kitchen smells of my Mothers vegetable soup. It was always the same dutch oven..old and worn...sitting atop the cooktop and being greeted by the most delicious aroma of vegetables, a rich beef broth and homemade bread! As a child, it made you feel safe and warm and cared for. My mother...next to my Grandmothers, she was the most beautiful and wonderful cook. I love having her hand-written recipes. Of course this vegetable soup is never going to taste like Mother's but it is long in tradition in our household. It is simplistic, healthy and easy....most delicious and comforting!

First, you must begin with a good stockpot or dutch oven...assemble a few ingredients to include tomato juice or V8 juice, salt, pepper, beef bullion or beef soup bones and frozed mixed vegetables.

Secondly, take one half head of fresh cabbage. Shred or cut cabbage into bite-sized pieces. Place shredded cabbage into your stockpot and cover with cold water just enough to cover the cabbage. Add salt, pepper and bullion. Simmer until cabbage is tender.

Next, add two small beef ribs or soup bones. If you prefer, you may add two beef bullion cubes, salt and pepper. Be certain to use course ground black pepper. Bring this mixture to a boil. Boil until the cabbage is tender.

You may then add you mixed vegetables...any kind you prefer. Boil about five minutes longer.

 You are now ready to add your tomato juice.

 Simmer until your vegetables are of desired consistency.

 Serve in your favorite soup bowls with crisp saltines!

 Comfort food at it's best!

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