November 21, 2020


Yes,'s beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Finding gorgeous inspiration from my favorite holiday magazine.....

The home décor is changing  and I am loving each
little nook and cranny....come on in and take a peek.......

I know many of us will be very happy to say goodbye to 2020.....
what a stinker of a year to say the least....
I have my new 2021 calender ready to go......

We do not often go to Starbuck's but this particular
morning, we treated ourselves to a holiday white mocha......

Are you enjoying sitting down in the afternoon
with a hot cider and cozy throw as you take time
to browse through the Christmas catalogs....gosh I love doing that!

What are your favorite scents of the holiday season?
I love candles of pine. evergreen, balsam and cranberry!

I will always remember going home for Christmas
and the smells would be incredible of a roaring fire,
a pork roast in the oven and Daddy's stereo
playing an Andy Williams Christmas album......

Ok.....I wanted to share my favorite find of the week....
this darling nesting bowl set from Rae Dunn.....

These mixing bowls are just too sweet ......

I have always wanted a white mixing bowl set and this one
is just waiting to be used for cakes and cookies.....

The coffee bar is complete.....almost.....

Now,,,,,here we go....I just added our little Maine Moose to the vignette...
how adorable is he?

The hot cocoa bar is ready with Peppermint hot chocolate!

With the addition of these adorable holiday napkins......

The mantel is decorated in soft greens and white....

The stockings this year are my all time favorites...
from the Magnolia line!


Have y'all tried these yet?
Oh honey baby....please pick up a pack...delightful!!!

AND....while decorating, it's also good to throw in a little baking....
today, I tried a new recipe for Apple's a winner!!!!

I hope your decorating is off to a great start....
it's a bit like a key to happiness and contentment!


  1. Oh my goodness, it is beginning to look like Christmas at your house. I love the coffee/cocoa bar, such precious mugs. Betsy, you know I love pretty paper napkins too. My favorite part, was when you described about going home for Christmas ...smelling a cozy fire, roast in the oven and hearing your father's Andy Williams' Christmas songs. For my daughters and I , it would be Bing Crosby singing Mele Kalikimaka. My girls wore that album out. Keep smiling. Stay safe. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  2. I love your mixing bowls and all your adorable mugs! Growing up, we always played Andy William's Christmas album on the HiFi while decorating the tree. It was passed down to me so I guess I'm going to have dig out our record player! Betsy, you are so good at bringing up fond memories. Have a blessed Thanksgiving. Hugs!

  3. Delightful! I grinned seeing the Maine moose. My daughter has a moose visiting her place every few days. He must be mammoth from the size of his prints and the length of his stride. I should try to find a moose ornament for her Christmas decor.

    Baking...I so want to bake and absolutely don't dare with no one here to eat it, but little ole me. The apple blondies look delicious.

  4. Loved all the holiday goodness in this post - although I am not quite ready to embrace it yet.

  5. Squealing with delight....I love your vignettes and snippets of life's memories. When I first saw your new calendar ...I another great jigsaw puzzle your DH put together..such a pretty scene.

    Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!
    ....your Maine moose is adorable!

  6. that fun 'ol'time' music you chose to play with the tiny video. perfect and unexpected! :D
    and your colors are beautiful too... and all the little holiday touches that make it so special.
    I'm going to definitely have to try the junior mints! xo
    oh and... I LOVE that Maine Moose! LOL.

  7. I need to rush home from the country and start the decorating!!!
    Amber and I both grabbed a couple of boxes of that peppermint crunch from the brand new Five Below store near her in Plano!
    And Andy Williams Christmas music.....oh my!!
    Loved every pic an devery word! You have inspired me! Now I need to get home and get busy!

  8. There you go ,finding the cutest napkins in all the land again!! And those bowls??? Plz tell us where??? Guess what? 4 days before turkey day and my oven goes out 🙄🙄. Not sure how I’ll get meal cooked but I’m just not worrying about it. Least of our concerns these days!!

    1. The bowls and napkins are from Amazon Janey

  9. My favorite time of year! I love it all. I am excited to decorate and savor the season. We need it, more than ever, this year!

  10. Everything is looks Christmasy and wonderful! I love those nesting bowls AND those napkins. Pretty sure I like EVERYTHING. lol. I started decorating early this year too. Couldn't wait! Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving. xo Diana


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