June 5, 2020


Summer has arrived.....
I wish I could turn back time to carefree days
of childhood and a more innocent time.......

Mark your calendars....
Friday June 5th is a

The days are simply ordinary....trying to keep my hands
from becoming idle.....been doing a whole lot of being
peaceful on the porch.....

Established in Sheboygan, WI, our business began as a spark of an idea between friends. Their candles are made of soy wax that's 100% 
sourced from American farms, mostly run by families.
 And That Brand Name?

Two Goats Candle Co is unique in every aspect - including our off-the-wall name! When starting out, we must have bounced a hundred names off each other. Finally, one summer's day, after the state fair, everything fell into place. Goats are the cutest animals and a staple here in Wisconsin. The sprawling farmland and these entertaining creatures sat well with the homespun charm of our scents and the cozy feelings they evoke. Two Goats was born!

Who else is obsessed with Pioneer Woman?
I so enjoy the items I have purchased from her line
and really miss.....I mean REALLY miss
browsing the isles at Walmart!

My favorite I-Hop breakfast made at home....
Lingonberry Swedish Crepes

The pause that refreshed on a Summer afternoon...
Strawberry Orange juice infused with
fresh oranges, lemons and cherries!!!

Fresh tomatoes are a must have during summer.....
always makes me think of going to the
Farmer's Market in Jackson as a child....

When was the last time you made a classic BLT?

And, don't forget about the cheeseburger in paradise......

One of our favorite Friday night dinners....
Spicy spaghetti with a fresh garden salad.....

This was a terrific steak marinade.....a KEEPER!!!!

Saturday night by the pool......

I haven't made this pie for awhile and thought
we needed a sweet ending to begin the summer...

This is a family favorite of ours for the past forty years!

Mae Mobley....our little sweetheart......

Be blessed and let us all remember to practice kindness.......


  1. You seem to be making the most of these strange days we find ourselves living in. The beautiful decor and scrupmtious food make your home a place of comfort, I am sure. Yes, I think everything Pioneer Woman designs is beautiful. You have given me a few new recipes to try - thanks!

  2. Kindness and real love for other humans! I love the Pioneer Woman's dishes! Those blue ones are fabulous! I hope I can get a few to add to my everyday dishes!

  3. Oh that sweet cat. :) Betsy , it seems there 's been some fine dining at your house. Good summertime meals. I do love those dishes too. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Looks as if Miss Mae knows how to chill. Everyone could take a lesson from her. Betsy, you have done a splendid job of maintaining calm and sharing beauty. That sleeping kitty in your header is so darling. Makes me want to scoop her up.

  5. Girl, you are killing me with these gorgeous shots of food....delicious and beautiful food!!!! Oh my...those crepes??? what I would give for a bite of those!! Crepes are something I've never made..don't know why but I never have and SO love them.

    and this is so crazy.....I had a friend I met online thru a book club 20 yrs ago and she lives in Sheboygan...when I saw that you wrote that, I almost choked. Small world, eh??!!

    is that cereal in that pie?? trying to figure out that recipe!
    and that drink??? WOW!!!! how good does that look????? altho, you know me, I'd have to throw a lil vodka or tequila in there!!!

    I spent my week freezing, canning and pickling squash....we've got it running out of our ears! Also went to a blueberry you pick patch and brought home 3 gallons of berries. Froze them all. Just haven't started making stuff with them yet...honestly? I'm doggone tired of cooking. NEVER thought I'd say that but it's true.

    I want life back. I wanna go see my girlfriends. Have lunch. Have weekends away. Will it ever be the same again??????


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