June 25, 2020


Hello loves....
how in the world is everyone doing out there?
The times....they are a changin''......
Can you believe we are almost saying good-bye
to June and welcoming in the July 4th holiday?
I continue to hope and pray things take a turn
for the better....very, very soon!

I always look for new projects and new crafting materials
to try and this one turned out to be such fun....
I haven't decoupaged anything since high school days......

I decided to order a little watering can and decoupage
using idea-Ology collage papers....
I love the botanical , Avery and floral papers from this collection~

Add some Mod Podge and a good brush and you are set to go......

I truly love the finished look......

I wanted to show both front, sides and back
of this adorable little water can....

What a cute little kitchen accent piece!

I was on a roll...so I looked around and wanted to try
my hand at an old TV tray we had......which has seen better days.....

A work of art.....
If you are looking for a fun DIY which can
put your hands to work for an afternoon....
try decoupage!!!

Stay healthy and safe....see y'all in July!!!


  1. I love that little watering can. It's great to redo things for a fresh new look. I sure was hoping the virus would have let up before now...it looks like it's here to stay ...we need a vaccine quick. The unrest has not helped with the virus ramping back up. Praying our leaders can get control of our government and pass the right law for equality. Blessings, stay safe. xoxo, Susie

  2. Oh that is just adorable!!!!

    I have never done decoupage. But do love the pretty paper you used. Maybe I should try it.... -smile-

    Yes, the year is whizzing along. Fourth of July coming already.

    It has been and continues to be a horrible year. But today, we did something we have been looking forward to. And it was delightful! I just did a post, on it.

    Plus, to make it even better, we will be able to have our hair cut, next week!

    Things around my neck of the woods, are thus, looking up. And I am trying to keep my eyes on... My neck of the woods.

    Enjoy your new creation...

  3. Oooops.... That should be "creationS"...

  4. Wow Betsy, you did a great job!! That watering can is SO cute, my friend! Love the papers you chose. The TV tray looks terrific, too. Can you believe I've never done decoupage? I really need to give it a try -- this would be a good time to do that.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend! :)


    Denise at Forest Manor

  5. I haven't decopaged since high school either. To be honest, never thought about it. I love the watering can but was really interested in the TV tray. Hubby has one that he has had forever and I am ready to toss it. Maybe I can give it a new lease on life. Maybe, especially if it turns out as nice as yours!

  6. I have a green watering can that has faded and this would be wonderful solution to make it look great again! I love yours!

  7. What a beautiful project! I have some pretty napkins that might work. Wish me luck. Your bread pudding recipe was delicious. Remember when HGTV had decorating and crafting shows? I think you could have had your own show!

  8. I remember decoupage from years ago! it was so much fun. your little watering can is wonderful.
    but I especially loved the beautiful tiny video in this post!
    the happy jaunty tune and the sound of the splashing water in the pool... and the luscious cookies!
    just delightful. all of it! see you in July! xo

  9. Very sweet watering can. I remember doing this craft with beautiful paper napkins. It was fun to see how our Easter eggs came out. Have a wonderful rest of June. 🍓🍒🕊🍒🍓


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