December 2, 2019


The creation of the Thanksgiving gathering takes alot
of planning, scheduling, shopping, cooking, baking, cleaning
and decorating!
So, I am moving a bit slower moving on to Christmas preparation...
but....I'll get there....slowly but surely!
Here are a few highlights of our Thanksgiving festivities!

We held our familly dinner off until Saturday until
our youngst could drive home from Austin....
Thursday dinner was a big pot of chili, french bread and a 
delicious Brownie White Chocolate Mocha Trifle...a huge hit!
And, then there is full day of football games!

Satuday turned out to be a beautiful day....with the sun shining
and the temperature cool, breezy but not cold...perfect
for the Turkey Fry!

Yes, there was the ever beloved cheese ball....
the darling's favorite....actually, we all tease him about this......
"Dad has to have his cheese ball!!!!"

I did not do a huge appetizer table as I normally do since
there were just a few of us this year...

the Atlanta family was not able
to fly home and Nick and Cat were entertaining Cat's family this year....
however, they did join us Saturday evening to enjoy the leftovers!

Freshly baked yeast rolls...everyone loves these.....

Green Bean Casserole, cornbread dressing, my sage bread dressing,
mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry relish, cinnamon apples,
a fantastic Cranberry Orange Jello Salad, Apple pie and Pumpkin Pie!!!

We played countless games of Spoons....
a little game but so much fun!!!
This was a gift from the Divine Miss M!!

The family gathering...smaller this year,
yet still a blessed one!
I have loved seeing photos and reading about YOUR
Thanksgiving also.....much to be grateful for.....
and  now....
on to the Merriest month of the year!!!


  1. Oh the food looks fabulous and your patient family is so cute allowing you to take photos during their meal. 😁 (My family would hit me.) The rolls look especially delicious to me. That’s one food item we missed because the roll maker was on his wife’s side of the family this year, I’m sure that they had delicious homemade rolls. 😏 It’s okay to rest before hitting the Christmas Trail. (Though I confess that I will enjoy seeing what you do with your decorating.)

  2. Thanksgiving can be celebrated any time, and you certainly celebrated yours. So great being with family and friends and sharing great food.

  3. As our families grow, the holidays change but they are still special. We just have to accept the changes, and then we still can have a wonderful holiday season! You are the hostess with the mostest, Betsy! Always making things special for your family!

  4. what a glorious thanksgiving. smiles and delicious food and great memories made!
    I can't believe how fast your little Luke is growing! and Betsy... you look beautiful! xo

  5. It looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving! Happy December.

  6. So lovely!!!! and good on you for filming and taking pics of finished the time I get it all out, I completely forget to take the pics.....
    Ok......and I need 1) cinnamon apple recipe 2) orange jellow salad recipe..always reminds me of my mom...3) the cake recipe!!!! Have you put them up already and I missed them????!!!!!

  7. This was the perfect Thanksgiving!


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