November 10, 2019


Happy Sunday Loves....
how has your weekend been?
It's been a glorious few days here in the great state of Texas!
The Autumn color is spectacular right now!
I hope you are taking in all that the season has to offer...
I want to be present....in the moment....

We attended the very last football game for grandson, Noah
on Friday night....three generations of the boys.....
time is flying by!
To think that next year, will be his last year of high school...
always exciting yet, bittersweet at the same time!

I have been playing around with creative ways to display
the desserts at our Thanksgiving gathering....
I made a batch of Hello Dolly Bars for the darling
and decided to elevate the look for a festive table
using Mother's silver tray....

Oh y'all....have you tried these yet?
I wanted to eat the entire package...oh yes I did!!!

I also picked up these adorable little paper plates..
aren't they the cutest ever???

AND....Better Homes and Gardens created a new pattern
for the Christmas dinnerware set....which I collect....
it is absolutely stunning!!!!

And....this Door County seasonal coffee is THE BOMB-DIGGITY!!!!!
I have a visit to Door County on my bucket list....
I sooooo want to go there for a few days next fall......

It's time to stock the pantry with baking supplies
for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays...
I just love this time of year!

I found a darling Christmas themed Scrapbook paper collection..

which transformed my laundry room prints from Fall
to Christmas......

It's just a little joy to look at these while doing laundry....

And lastly, I am planning the wreath 
for the back door as we speak....
I love having all these holiday projects in the works...
hope you are having a ball planning your holiday's also!


  1. I've got a plate similar to that I bought a few years ago, it has a sweet deer on it. I haul it out at the holidays. No mojo...this year....maybe if I rub elbows with you, I can share your mojo. Those leaves at the top of the page are so pretty, the Autumn season is such a wonderful gift we receive from GOD,to fill the senses. Staying away from the cookies, I've got enough trouble :) They do look interesting....do you make your own beeswax candles? The honeycomb candles are so pretty.

    1. Hi Faith....I love beeswax candles too..but heaven's no I cannot make my own...would be interesting to learn however....yes, the gift of Autumn fills our senses...it's such a lovely time of the year...thank you for visiting today Faith..have a lovely week ahead!

  2. The men in your family are all so handsome. I know what you are saying about the youngest graduating. We love that, but also would love to keep them young just a bit longer. It all goes by too quickly. The treats you made you husband sound so good. I love the way you prepare for the holidays. It that time of year where you cook goodies, and decorate your home, your expertise. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Why thank you dear Susie for leaving such kind comments! I so hope things are looking up for you and your family...hugs and blessings from me to you!

  3. That grandson of yours is a very handsome guy as are his dad and grandfather. Obviously, there are some beautiful mothers as well. ☺️

    You always create such a pleasant post full of beauty and good things. It’s a joy to visit. Your laundry room art is charming...must show my sister what you have done as she is currently looking for good things for her new laundry room.

    1. Hi Vee.....Thank you for your kind words....so appreciated. I love having you visit me always....I hope your sister enjoys coming up with inexpensive ideas for her laundry room...it's just something fun to do...wishing you a lovely week ahead!

  4. Oh...how I wish I were as organized as you are! I've been sitting here telling myself that I've GOT to start on a menu for turkey day....and decorating for Christmas????? Can't even think of that until after Thanksgiving. I just can't get my stuff together this year..... I would love to just have the time to "be bored" for a few days...
    You amaze me at all your projects and planning skills!!

    1. Oh Janey...you are SO sweet...I am not decorating right now..just planning on the Thanksgiving...we wait until after Thanksgiving to decoate for Christmas...I know you are wrapped up in marvelous travels so do try to rest a bit before you are in full swing around home....hope all is going well with your dear family..warm hugs!

  5. My daughter would love those plates with the horses! I'll have to show her. I love all the specialness of the holidays, too, Betsy. I love how you change out those frames in your laundry room.

    1. Oh Deanna..this plate is just so, so pretty...I try to purchase each new scene they come out with...hope your daughter enjoys it too.....blessings and hugs!

  6. what three absolutely gorgeous men!
    and I love that you LOVE every day... seasonal or not!
    but it is fun and beautiful going through the holiday season with you.
    can't wait to try the new peppermint cookie. thanks!

    1. Ha...thank you sweet Tammy....I'm sure they will appreciate that kind comment! Yes I sure do try to love every day and consider it a gift....I hope you will find some fun when you stop by for a visit...wishing you a lovely week ahead! Gentle hugs!


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