June 10, 2019


This is the darling's Orthopaedic surgeon's office!
I just loved this farmhouse style wall vignette...
rather unusual for a physician's office, which is 
another reason I loved it.
It was very special and much appreciated, to have the surgeon say a prayer
prior to surgery with his that's a rare find these days!

I thank my darling daughter, the Divine Miss M for providing me
with the inspiration I needed to give our laundry room a brand new look.
She and Jay created this sweet little farmhouse vignette in her kitchen
last year and I had a ball helping her shop for these items.

She and Jay made this sign at a class they took one evening
for their date night.
It's always very special to enjoy and display your own creation!

In addition, they have had their
laundry room, bathroom and master bedroom
renovated, so a rather elegant French country look
has been transforming the laundry room!

 I just love her look!

So, I decided to create a french country farmhouse style laundry room update
and my first inspiration piece was the cow canvas!
I have a slight obsession for cow art!

And.....I love it!!!

I have had the wrought iron scroll for years and never
hung it in this now has a use and a place!

I took my black and white buffalo checked rug
and placed it over our washer/dryer units...

then gathered most of my pieces from
Hearth and Hand to create a sweet vignette.

I found this cute little lemon tree print at Walmart...
just loved their decor items for spring and summer!

Yes, I like it, but there is more to come.....

Hey, lovies, this is Texas and we love our cows and longhorns!

I absolutely fell in love with these herb hanging planters and created
a very soft vintage floral arrangement in each one.

Yes, I told you this space needed a bit more interest.
I just love the's a charming little laundry room
with a very lovely atmosphere.....
and guess what, it's going to be dressed for the holidays too!


  1. Betsy, I love the black and white checked accents too. The cow canvas is adorable. I always love touches of greenery too. Great decorating. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

    1. Hi good to have you visit me today....hope things are looking positive for your husband...have a great week!

  2. It looks beautiful and love the cow painting.

    1. Hi appreciate your sweet comment and I LOVE having you stop by today...hope you have fun planned for this week...hugs!

    2. Lost it, I think, while checking a spelling. Who knew spelling dungeon could be so challenging. I love what you have done with your laundry room, especially the buffalo check over the washer and dryer. I can do better with my laundry corner, even if it is in the dungeon. 🙃

    3. Hi Vee...well dearest, I'll bet you could make it a bright spot that you love. And....I love making the laundry room smell so darn good, it will lower your blood pressure just walking are on my mind and in my prayers.

  3. PERFECTO!!!!! It is SO cute and I must know where you found the cow painting...I have a piece so close to that one..a lama with flowers on her head, but cannot remember the artist. Please do tell!!! and those herb boxes??? TO DIE FOR!!!!! We need info on products!!!!
    I sure wouldn't mind doing clothes in there....heeheehee!

    1. Hey Janey....well let's see, the cow art is from Hobby Lobby and I found the herb planters on Amazon. I just love them!! She's a very elegant girl isn't she? Hope things are calming down at your home...have a great week!

  4. I dearly love the pure JOY you have in decorating your home.
    and it's so much more than just décor . . .
    everything is chosen to make sure all who grace it with their presence are delighted!
    the scents the colors the cows! LOL! the windows of sunlight and the special terrace by the pool.
    it is all a feeling of truly being HOME. thank you for sharing it with us! xo

    1. Oh Tammy,,,thank you for these sweet words! I do love home and's just the things that matter in the world...hope you are enjoying the summer and are well and happy!


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