May 22, 2019


Here we are...Summer is upon us!
Final exams are over and the school year has ended!
I think it was a bit more exciting when we were younger,
but we can find ways to enjoy June, July and August!
Here are a few ways I celebrate the season at Estelle's!

Pick up a lovely floral bouquet at the grocery..
they are not very expensive and can
brighten your kitchen for a few weeks!

I love changing out the backdoor wreath for the seasons.
This wreath features delicate little flowers in summer colors...
a very french country theme, I think!

I love a cloudy summer afternoon poolside.
It's lovely to hear music in the distance, neighbors mowing their lawns and
children having fun and splashing in their backyard pools.

Oh, let's enjoy the lovely foods of summer....
grilled burgers and hot dogs, fresh watermelons and 
scrumptious garden tomatoes.......

I love the cool breezy summer fashion
and straw hats....

Jewelry should be light and flirty....

The new boho style fashion reminds me of my teen years....

A straw handbag is a must-have for Summer...
I fell in love with this lovely woven pink tote!
All the fashion featured in this post
is from the Time and Tru line at Walmart...absolutely love it!

I like to wear lighter scents during the summer months...
My all time favorite is White Gardenia...
it's a luxury to layer body cream after a shower
and then spritz with this lovely light fragrance....

Let's make the most of these carefree months of summer fun!


  1. Your suggestions make me want to embrace all the feelings of summer. Summer is not my favorite season of the year so it is nice to have these reminders of how to make it special.

  2. Very breezy, cheerful post! I love that Boho outfit. This is my summer for long sleeves so I’m looking for things like that.

  3. Such a lovely post . . . love the wreath with the cow :)

  4. You always look so beautiful as you dress for every season! I'm going to choose my summer fragrance on Friday and maybe a few summer fashions.

  5. I have a lovely rose fragrance that I use for summer. It's nice to transition to lighter and breezier things.


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