April 15, 2018


Hello Loves....
I found some real treasures for the kitchen this weekend
and they are just spectacular!
Of course, just when I think Miss Ree cannot possibly
design something cuter, here she comes with 
THE BETSY Mason Storage Jars!
You know with my name on the package, I simply could not resist!
I know these are named after Ree's sister, Betsy......

Love, love, love the toppers....

And.....the beautiful design on the jar itself!

These jars have a million and one uses....such as.....

perfect for serving up an afternoon pick me up of
Caramel Macchiato!!!

And, have you seen the beautiful new glass
bakeware from Anchor Hocking?

This is their new design called Rosewater...
reminds me so much of pink depression glass.
I love baking in glass bakeware
and these are substantial and simply beautiful...also
rather inexpensive!

Then, I came across this little baking dish
marking the 60th anniversary of the cornflower blue
corning ware!
I grew up with this and remember these pieces so well
from my mother and grandmother's kitchens!

I simply love this!
It's a wonderful feeling when something reminds you of home, isn't it?


  1. Betsy, I love all the cute kitchen items. Those jars are so pretty. I had no idea that the corning ware design was that old. I have some pieces...and would love that new one you are showing. Blessings for the new week ahead, hope it is springtime. xoxo, Susie

    1. Hi Susie! A bit of cold weaather has returned to Texas which is rather normal for April. Hope you enjoyed the post...blessings for a beautiful week!

  2. My daughter-in-law was just telling me that she had weeded out the last of the Tupperware. She doesn’t like how the leftovers taste in it and believes that they taste better in glass. She’s using canning jars. Now what canning jars are any cuter than these? Some of my old bakeware is pretty tired looking. Why do I think that I can’t weed some old things out for some newer ones? ☺️ I am going to have to rethink this.

    1. Hi Vee...Pretty bakeware can enhance the kitchen so much don't you think? Maybe it's time to treat yourself a bit! Hope you are well and happy...warm hugs!

  3. These new things are so pretty. I can see why you had to have them. I agree with you that the Pioneer Woman line is just wonderful. I had not seen the new Anchor Hocking bakeware. It is beautiful. My son just bought his first house so I am giving him some of my things to get started in his kitchen. This could be just the right time to replace with some of these new pretty things for me! Oh,the blue and white Corning Ware - was there anyone who did not have that in the 70's? It has to be one of the most popular styles ever! I love how you plan to use the mason jars for a latte.

    1. Hi Miss Dishywoo! That's a lovely idea to pass some of your things to your son...he will probably love using them as they belonged to his Mom! Have a great week love!

  4. I love Ree Drummond’s kitchen ware! These jars 😍

    1. Hi Deanna...her designs are charming....thank you for visiting and have a great week!

  5. Cute, cute & cute! Thanks


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