July 23, 2017


I love seeing what everyone comes home with
from Trader Joe's!
We have been going there for many years now,
however we don't go that often....
I am already in "holiday mode" and
thinking ahead to the holidays when we entertain more often.
Trader Joe's always has some interesting choices....

I will say it usually reminds me of Whole Foods with a bounty
of fresh fruit and vegetables and lovely, lovely florals.

I love being greeted by all their gorgeous flowers and succulents who look
far prettier than my garden right now.....100 degree days takes it's toll.....

I think their paper bags are the ultimate whimsy....

And...yes, we save the bags....
This is what we chose today as I had read
great reviews on each item....
we shall give it our taste-test to see if they
make the appetizer buffet.

I am going to throw these in the crockpot with the recipe
of the grape jelly and chili sauce.....

These should go great with a chilled glass of pinot.....

I purchased two bags of these Wontons as I read several
people love these.....

YES....I couldn't resist...they are small and just a happy
sweet treat!
So that's it loves...a small haul but a bag full of goodness!


  1. Well those meat balls sound very good. ...and easy which is my kind of cooking these days. Hope you are keeping cool....it's not a hundred here but it feels like it. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. I love trader joes!
    and especially their bag of frozen fried rice. delicious! you can take out however much you want.
    I add a little bit of oil and it tastes just like our favorite Chinese restaurant!
    can't wait to try your suggestions here. :)

  3. Everything sounds really good , let me know how they taste. Always looking for foods for the holidays.

    Have a cooler week - it's really hot here too.

  4. We don't have a Trader Joe's in our town, Betsy! We always love going there when visiting our son. The flowers, chocolate and Two Buck Chuck is always in our cart. Let us know if your choices are good. ♥

  5. I haven't tried any of these! Looking forward to my next visit!


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