July 24, 2017


Life is about love and loss isn't it?
It is so important to capture the golden moments and celebrate whenever we can....
celebrate the good times....because changes come and the world as
we have known it.....is no longer what it once was. 
This post is about Luke the Duke's Ohio grandparents....
Miss Irma is one brave soul...she is saying goodbye to her Ohio home
relocating to a brand new life in Florida.
I will say also, she is in her 80's....looking marvelous
and willing to take on the transition.

The vacation times spent with his grandparents slowly turned into
dealing with the progression of aging and how to best care for
them during this time in their life. 

It has now been a little over one year, since her husband, Pat,
passed away and she was left with a lovely home sitting on
three acres of land, with a barn stuffed full of collectibles
and a pond....now you must imagine what that would be like
to take care of especially during those long, harsh winters.

While visiting her daughter in Florida, earlier this year,
she jumped in with both feet and purchased a home
right then and there. 
She purchased new "second hand" furniture that
would give her new home a coastal feel
and her daughter has already done several updated
renovations to make her new home fresh and airy feeling.

This past weekend with the help of our darling daughter
and most of Jay's siblings, her Ohio home was cleaned out,
auctioned off and prepared for sale.
If you have ever done this process with your own parents,
this can be an overwhelming event...emotionally and physically.
It is what family does.....out of love......

This change in someone else's life, always gives me pause to
think what I would do if faced with this decision....
my answer is,'''I have no idea!"

I think of aging and starting anew in a brand new state
where everything is going to be vastly different
than what you are accustomed to.
I will tell you she will not be totally alone,
as her daughter is going to be with her....
this should make a huge difference....a good outcome I believe.

So, I applaud Miss Irma for making her life choice
at this age and moving forward....

I would love to know how you feel about this coming time in your life.....

 The grandparent visits are now over for little Luke...
I have no doubt he will hold these glorious times in his heart
and carry them through his adult life.....
Life is about change....how gracefully we deal with that change
and hold dear the memories of family.
Happy trails dear Irma.....


  1. just sent you a loooooong reply to this and it got lost when I published. No time to do again now but will be back later. Thinking about Luke's sweet grandma!!!!

    1. Thank you Janey...look forward to your thoughts....stay cool...too darn hot!

  2. Oh Betsy, this is such a beautifully written post about aging. I don't think any of us know what the future will bring for us as we go about our lives thinking it will always be the same as today. It sounds like your family has jumped in and made the transition as easy as possible. God bless Miss Irma. ♥

    1. You are a a love Martha Ellen...Irma will so appreciate this...warm hugs.

  3. since she got to choose her own house there and has been present in furnishing it in the light and airy coastal style of florida... I can only think that she is ready and excited to start this new chapter. she is definitely courageous and apparently still very full of life!
    and in this age of skype and jet planes and easy travel I don't see why little Luke the Duke has to give up his beloved grandma! he's old enough to keep the old memories and to make new ones!
    our M/Sgt Mike who is in USAF Special Operations is on mission somewhere in Afghanistan or Iraq. with special ops we never can know. but he is still able to keep in touch whenever he can with his dear wife and two boys. skype these days is so wonderful. I would think her daughter could look into it for her and help her with it. it's such a wonderful way to keep in touch. SEEING your family while you're talking to them! Luke would probably love it!
    I hope all goes well for her there. your pictures are just lovely of past wonderful times! XO♥
    hope you're staying cool in your pool. we are literally MELTING!

    1. You are right Tammy....Luke and his Ohio Grandma have been skyping for some time now...I was referring to visiting both of them in Ohio...when you are a child, your grandparents home holds magical times...they will be visiting but just in a totally different place...good thing is it's near the beach...this will be a major transition so we are hoping for the best!

  4. I wish her the best in her new adventures! At this stage in life, my husband and I have been caring for parents who have had to make adjustments. This stuff is not for wimps! We have to be willing to embrace change and face new things or we will wither. That's how it looks to me anyway and I hope when my time comes, I will be able to be like Miss Irma.

    1. So appreciate your thoughts Stacey..we had four different scenerios with our parents and NONE of them were easy...we moved across the counry from our children and family and we were not happy...I do not have the answers for anyone, but if you have your health it's half the battle...I do think lonliness is horrible...adjustments are hard..change is hard....I do admire those who are able to embrace change, made proactive decisions and keep moving forward...we just have to...blessings to all dealing with aging parents...love them while they are with you.

  5. Hello Dear, I was just telling my Hubby we need to think about just downsizing paperwork and old memorabilia and not have so much stuff. So glad she jumped in with both feet! It will be a new adventure!! Love those eggs you made in the last post, made my mouth water, mmm-good
    Hugs, Roxy

    1. Thank you Roxy...becoming lean is always a good thing...hope you are enjoying your summer!


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